23 May 2018

Little 1 likes the Project Mc2 ADISN spy journal

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a journal that could speak to you, give you the time of day, hints and tips and even help you solve mysteries. Well, McKayla McAlister has just that in the Netflix tv show Project Mc2. Meet A.D.I.S.N the electronic journal which stands for Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook.

19 May 2018

A visit to Gloucester Jet Age museum

Where do you go on a cold wet supposedly Spring day when you really can't afford to spend any money but the children are on their Easter holidays and have exhausted the craft cupboard and are beginning to drive each other balmy? After googling nearby places to go and take them out for a bit I stumbled on The Gloucester Jet Age Museum, not that far from us and totally free (though donations are appreciated).

10 May 2018

Little 1 goes undercover with the Project MC2 spy bag

I recently told you about a new TV show on Netflix that the girls have been watching, Project MC² set in the fictional city of Maywood Glen, California telling the stories of McKayla McAlister and her friends and how, with the help of government agency NOV8, they solve crimes using science experiments and hi-tech gadgets.