7 April 2018

Too much caffeine and a taste of Decadent Decaf

I never used to like coffee much really, not until I was in my mid twenties, it was instant for me back then and only one in the morning usually or if we went out to a cafe I'd have a second.

It wasn't long before I started drinking the proper stuff, Daddy likes coffee too and at one point we had a coffee bean grinder, a cafetiere and an espresso maker having been gifted them on one occasion or another. I began to get the taste for stronger coffee and very soon it was proper coffee over instant every time.

Fast forward to now and I have a pod coffee machine that makes smooth rich coffee at the press of a button, I buy the higher strength stronger pods and oh don't I love that first morning coffee especially if Little 3 has had me up in the night. I tend to have a second one after the school run around half nine if I am home then that is me set for the day.

The rest of the day I usually drank water or occasionally squash but recently I have added in another coffee around 2ish over the colder days during the long winter. Apart from spending rather a lot on coffee pods, I didn't like the fact I was drinking so much strong coffee but I have got so used to proper coffee that I now hate the taste of instant.

I began to wonder how much caffeine was in my daily coffees and decided I should probably cut back as it can't be any good for me. There is no way I am changing that first morning coffee as I really do need it to get me going but I have thought about switching to decaffeinated coffee on the days I do have one in the afternoon or even the second morning one too.

As luck would have it I had the chance to taste some proper decaf coffee when Decadent Decaf Coffee Co got in touch. Decadent Decaf Coffee Co have revolutionised decaf coffee, gone are the cheap coffee beans chemically decaffeinated to produce bitter inferior coffee and instead they have produced a range of coffees which have won 5 Best Taste Awards (so far) by using the good coffee beans and the Swiss water decaffeination process which involves just water, no chemicals at all.

I have replaced my afternoon pod coffee with a cafetiere of their ground coffee this week, and was pleasantly surprised, the coffee tasted just like any other ground coffee I have had, you would not know it was decaf at all. It was not bitter like some decaf can be and as the beans are processed with just water there was no tell tale chemical shimmer on the top of my coffee which was good to see.

The coffee was good and tasty, I just added a little more than I would do with a caffeinated blend to make it nice and strong for my liking. I tried both the Costa Rican and Colombian blends both of which I would buy again, they are available from Waitrose and Amazon alongside an Ethiopian, Indonesian and Espresso blends too. Thumbs up from me for a decent cup of proper decaf coffee.


  1. Isn’t it odd how you kind of grow into coffee? Xxx

  2. I can’t have caffeine anymore as it gives me headaches, so I decided to just give up coffee completely as I wasn’t a fan of the decaf you could buy. Will definitely have a look into this though.

  3. I have to avoid caffeine like the plague. I'm so sensitive to it, it makes me hyper and loopy (more than usual, that is). Decaff would be the way to go for me. Sounds fab!


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