14 April 2018

No need to look for those baby deals anymore

It all started with the refusal to sit in the booster seat at the dinner table, Little 3 has got used to sitting on a chair next to me while we have lunch after nursery during the week and so after a few days he didn't want to sit in his own seat for tea any longer. We realised that he could reach the table anyway and didn't actually need the seat although it was handy to keep him in one place during a whole mealtime. He was so pleased when we took it away and he could sit like a big boy at the table.

Looking far too grown up

After that and now that Little 3 has turned three years old it seemed appropriate to have a bit of a sort out and get rid of a few things that we no longer needed, the baby things. We redecorated his bedroom and got him a single bed, sorted the baby toys and his summer clothes that were too small alongside ditching the cot and highchair.

I am pleased that our days of nappies are over and purees and such, but on the other hand it all went so fast.

Babies and small children can be so expensive, I often looked out for deals and bargains to see us through the days of wet wipes, bibs and goo not to mention the amount of things that seem essential yet were often not. One site I found useful was full of plenty of baby deals and bargains all in one place from lots of big well known shops and brands as wells as some smaller places too. Latest Deals was very useful, easy to see what was on offer and where as well as being so simple to use, just click through to get the deal and the site takes you right there.

I found it handy for stocking up on wet wipe deals and knowing when the next supermarket baby event was coming up or for bargain baby clothes for the next growth spurt but Latest Deals doesn't just cover baby things they have deals for all sorts even travel and technology, as well as vouchers, freebies and competitions. If you are looking for a deal or two why not check them out.

N.B This was a collaborative post.

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