30 April 2018

Family fun exploring Dyrham Park

Lately we had a couple of days out when it wasn't raining and recently headed to Dyrham Park near Bath, a National Trust house. We had been there before a couple of years ago but we all wanted to go back and see if we could spot the deer there after they had been elusive last time.

24 April 2018

In desperate need of a Spring garden overhaul

Once upon a time, long before we had children, our garden looked like this, lush and green grass, full of lovely interesting plants. We had a beautiful pond complete with a bog garden containing all sorts of weird and wonderful flowering plants, a trickling stream from the back of the garden and a lovely neat circular gravelled bit in front of the kitchen window.

21 April 2018

A doll with a difference, Project MC2 experiment doll

With a talking notebook and a shifty look about her, McKayla McAlister has arrived in Maywood Glen and friends Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn just know there is something up with her and are determined to find out what. 

16 April 2018

Little 3 is one of the gang now

There have been some signs for a while now, that Little 3 was growing up, changing and becoming one of three. It is not now the girls and a baby, a toddler, he has become a proper little boy. An Easter duck hunt at Slimbridge wetlands and wildfowl trust this holidays made me realise just that.

14 April 2018

No need to look for those baby deals anymore

It all started with the refusal to sit in the booster seat at the dinner table, Little 3 has got used to sitting on a chair next to me while we have lunch after nursery during the week and so after a few days he didn't want to sit in his own seat for tea any longer. We realised that he could reach the table anyway and didn't actually need the seat although it was handy to keep him in one place during a whole mealtime. He was so pleased when we took it away and he could sit like a big boy at the table.

Looking far too grown up

7 April 2018

Too much caffeine and a taste of Decadent Decaf

I never used to like coffee much really, not until I was in my mid twenties, it was instant for me back then and only one in the morning usually or if we went out to a cafe I'd have a second.

2 April 2018

Reigniting a love of reading with Fiction Express

Ever since they were small we have read to all the Little Ones, and now that they are getting older it is great to see that they love reading and often pick up a book to chill out in their bedroom or on the sofa, rarely a day goes by where they do not do any reading at all.