13 March 2018

On the eve of your third birthday, Little 3

It is the eve of Little 3's third birthday and as I write this I find it hard to believe quite how fast those three years have gone and how much he has changed all of a sudden. I still vividly remember the day he was born and that Daddy almost missed it as Little 3 had decided the time was right.... now!

All those worries during pregnancy and his first year with the problem with his heart and then the reflux and oh the months of sleepless nights (he was nearly one before he slept more than a few hours at a time) and now look at him.

He is such a gorgeous boy, always happy and smiling that cheeky little smile of his. He has a way about him that just makes you want to smile and love him, everyone says how cheeky, cute and lovable he is, such a charmer.

He makes me laugh every day, the latest thing being he runs around with my old mobile phone shouting 'Hang on I have to go upstairs to get a good sniggle (signal)', as he pretends to call Fireman Sam and when he looks at me with that look, the butter wouldn't melt face, as he picks up his bat and shuttlecock which he isn't supposed to play in the house and asks me 'Shall we play with my bat and cockerel?' Oh how he does make me chuckle. I can not resist him.

Tomorrow he will be three and he is growing up so fast, we rarely use the pushchair now as he prefers to walk and he has been refusing to sit in his booster chair at the table so we just took it away. Last week we dismantled the cot bed and repainted his bedroom, built a single bed and decorated it with his choice of 'big boy' bedding all covered in stars, my boy seems so grown up all of a sudden.

He loves going to nursery every morning and tells me of his little friends and what he ate for snack, and tries so hard to be grown up like the girls having learnt to put on his shoes and do up his coat. Thankfully he still loves his cuddles and as he snuggles in on my lap to watch an episode of Paw Patrol before we collect the girls from school I wonder if each short daytime nap will be his last,  they don't happen very often anymore.

Today we made birthday cakes together, not one but two, you wanted a Fireman Sam cake and a cake with sprinkles and who was I to deny you that, you stuck your finger in the butter and had a twinkle in your eye as you sneaked some sugar, you smashed an egg to smitherines (apologies to anyone who finds eggshell in their cake) and covered the worktop in flour. I let you lick out the bowl and as I wiped your sticky face I felt a tug on my heart strings for it is your birthday tomorrow Little 3, I just can not believe you are three. 

Happy Birthday Little Man xx

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