21 March 2018

Introducing Lumo Stars, the cuddly characters with gorgeous coloured eyes

I can only imagine the dark Nordic night with sheets of bright colours as the Northern lights shimmer across the sky, look into the eyes of the latest, cute and cuddly huggable pet, and you get a glimpse of what you could see out there. Let me introduce you to the Lumo Stars, Northern Brights collection.

The toys are the latest collectible cuddly toys and are based on common animals living in Nordic countries, created in both realistic colours and bright colours from nature.

          ''Eyes sparkle like auroras, fur colours are from common berries like blueberries and wild strawberries, from the different colours of the four season, from the trees and sea. Northern brights have their special patterns inspired by Nordic nature.''

The Lumo Stars website tells you their story, and shows you the range of  animals to collect with a little bit of info about each animal too, their naming day and their favourite food.
There are 8.5cm keyring minis, 15 cm and 24 cm plush toys to collect.

The Little ones were lucky enough to each be sent their own Lumo Star and instantly knew who was going to have each one. Little 3 fell in love with 'Winter' the lynx, he loved the black and white coat and the oh so fluffy ears (I have to admit he is my favourite too), his eyes are so bright and his fur really is so soft. Little 3 has started taking him to bed to cuddle.

Little 2 has a thing for owls so it was obvious that 'Uggla' the owl was going to belong to her, she has a bright white tummy and soft browny/gold fur with big yellow/orange/pink eyes. The toys eyes are lovely and colourful, shimmering in the light, Little 2 loves the eyes the best.

Little 1 took a liking to the keyring we were sent, perfect for an 8 year old who still likes all things cuddly but doesn't want big cuddly toys anymore, girly and pinky coloured with blue ears, 'Peach' is her name, the kitten who likes to have fun in the meadow and she looks perfectly at home clipped onto Little 1's bookbag.

The Little ones all love their toys and there are many more in the collection, how about Luna the bird, Otso the bear, Repo the fox or Renee the moose. You can purchase the collection on Amazon here. There is also a free app for Lumo stars available on google play or the app store (as well as a QR code on each pet's tag). On the app you can bring your pet to life and feed them, play fun games and read interesting fact cards too as well as take silly selfies with your Lumo Pet.

N.B We were gifted our Lumo Stars for inclusion in this post but they are so soft and cuddly is really is hard not to love them.

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