26 March 2018

Looking super cool and grown up in Boots Mini Club New Fearne Cotton collection

Now that Little 3 has turned three years old he is starting to show an interest in his clothes drawers, well, when I say interest he will still wear whatever I get out for him on a given day but he always points to his jeans if they are in there and asks to wear those as he thinks they are for more grown up boys.

21 March 2018

Introducing Lumo Stars, the cuddly characters with gorgeous coloured eyes

I can only imagine the dark Nordic night with sheets of bright colours as the Northern lights shimmer across the sky, look into the eyes of the latest, cute and cuddly huggable pet, and you get a glimpse of what you could see out there. Let me introduce you to the Lumo Stars, Northern Brights collection.

19 March 2018

The Little ones have fun in the snow (again)

When I went to bed on Saturday night I knew there was a possibility of snow on Sunday but I was not expecting to wake up to 4 inches of the stuff, the Little Ones were thrilled to see it had snowed again and it wasn't long before they were outside in it having fun.

13 March 2018

On the eve of your third birthday, Little 3

It is the eve of Little 3's third birthday and as I write this I find it hard to believe quite how fast those three years have gone and how much he has changed all of a sudden. I still vividly remember the day he was born and that Daddy almost missed it as Little 3 had decided the time was right.... now!

6 March 2018

The one where Little 3 choked on a penny

It all happened so fast, one minute it was fine and the next it was not but let me start at the beginning.

It was actually a few months ago now but I wanted to write as a reminder that things can happen in an instant and that these kind of things can happen to anyone.

5 March 2018

Money, 3 ways to improve your cash flow

Spring is in the air and the end of the financial year is approaching, as a blogger this means there will soon be a tax return to complete and as a parent it means there will be another new term of fees to pay.