10 February 2018

Tick tock a gorgeous wooden clock

'What's the time, Mummy?' is a phrase I hear quite often at the moment. Little 2 has recently learnt to tell the time to the o'clock and half hour but anything in between is still a bit of a wonder to her. 

We have recently been sent this gorgeous Peppa Pig wooden clock and it has been quite useful for a number of learning opportunities, aimed at age 3+ it was sent with Little 3 in mind but it has been used for all the Little Ones.

Little 1 can tell the time to the quarter of an hour and knows each number represents 5 minutes, she has been asking me to set times on the clock and working out what the time is or I have been telling her a time and she has set the hands, the last couple of days I have been challenging her by asking if it is 10.20 now what time will it be in 25 minutes etc, she is getting pretty good at telling the time now.

Little 1 hasn't learnt the quarter past and quarter to times at school yet (year 1) but likes to have a go at setting the o'clock and half hour. She is keen to be able to tell the time like her older sister so has been practicing counting in 5's and trying to remember that the number 4 = 4 lots of 5 so represents 20, tough going for a just 6 year old but it wasn't my idea!

The clock is really aimed somewhere between Little's 2 and 3, Little 3 (34 months) can already count to almost 20 and can count backwards from 10 (guess what I do when they are testing my patience!) and he knows the main colours like blue, pink, green etc. I have been helping him to learn other colours like lilac, and the difference between dark blue and light blue using the pieces of the clock.

Putting the clock pieces back together is great for him, at the moment he matches the colour of the background with the clock piece and when we play with it together we will count the shapes underneath and I will show him the numeral, he doesn't know many by sight yet just 1 and 2 but with the clock as a guide I think he will know 3-12  soon enough.

Not only is the clock educational for colours, numbers and learning to tell the time but it is a lovely thing to have on the side, the colours are bright and as it is wooden it looks gorgeous too. This clock is available from Milly and Flynn priced at £15.

N.B We were gifted this clock for the purpose of review but it is genuinely lovely.

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