28 February 2018

An extra special Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day is one of those occasions when I want to say Thank You to my own Mum for everything she does for us. Always available for a spot of babysitting, helping me out when the girls club pick ups clash, baking tasty treats among other things and just generally being the best and most thoughtful Mum and Nanny.

24 February 2018

A boy and his love of scootin'

At nearly three years old Little 3 wants to walk to school and nursery much of the time now but equally he has days where he just wants to be carried and not walk at all, particularly after his mornings at nursery, it is heavy going lugging a toddler and his rucksack or a gym kit and three lunchboxes (and even a cardboard space rocket today!) home from school. Some days, particularly wet and chilly ones, I still take the pushchair to give my back and arms a rest and others he is happy to take his favourite method of transport.... scooting.

20 February 2018

Boredom busting this half term with gift in a tin

February half term has to be the school holiday I like the least, it is the weather that lets it down. It is either bitterly cold or raining or in the case of this one, both, with freezing winds thrown in too. With Daddy at work with the car, getting out and about means going out on foot and my suggestions at going out into the cold are often met with looks of horror and groans of 'Noooooo' as I am thoroughly outnumbered by three reluctant children.

10 February 2018

Tick tock a gorgeous wooden clock

'What's the time, Mummy?' is a phrase I hear quite often at the moment. Little 2 has recently learnt to tell the time to the o'clock and half hour but anything in between is still a bit of a wonder to her. 

7 February 2018

Little 2 has a birthday - 6 years old

Last weekend was a busy one for us, it was Little 2's 6th birthday. It started after school on the Friday with a playdate and a little birthday tea with a couple of her school friends. There was lots of dressing up in a variety of princess dresses and ballerina outfits and all the dolls, teddies and cuddly toys were brought down to share the tea and have a sing along and dance with some of the girls favourite tunes too.