26 January 2018

A spring wardrobe to brighten the dull winter days

Isn't it so dark and dull out right now, as I peer out the window I see thick low grey cloud and as I beat my way through the rain on the school run I am thinking of the Spring, the warmer drier weather and the Little Ones shedding their thick layers in favour of cute cardis and pumps or bright coloured tees in the case of Little 3.

I have been thinking about the Little Ones wardrobes, Littles 2 and 3 need a little sort out, some of the sleeves on their tops are getting too short and some of our old favourites are looking well worn, I think a new outfit or two could be in order.

We have been checking out the New Spring Kids Collection from Esprit, there is something for everyone, cute pastels and cardigans for Little 2, on trend denims and slogan tees for Little 1 and some bright colours for Little 3 too. So what would I choose for each of the Little ones from the collection?

Little 1 is just beginning to change her fashion style, she still loves dresses but she is beginning to get her own sense of style. After a shopping trip in the summer to refresh her t-shirt drawer she has started wearing a lot of grey or white tees with glitter, sequins and slogans paired up with denim jeggings, black or maroon leggings. She does however still love colour and livens up her wardrobe with an array of coloured tops with brightly coloured appliques from our favourite brands.

I know exactly what she would choose from the collection.

Clockwise from top left: Navy cotton canvas slip-on trainers £29, Long sleeved top with a peacock print £11, Stretch dark denim jeggings £20, Candy pink cotton t-shirt with a colourful statement £10.50

As soon as I saw the 'time to party' t-shirt I knew she would love it but which colour? So I asked her, she loved all three colours it came in, yellow, navy and pink but chose the pink as it would go with her jeans so obviously a pair of skinny jeans were my next pick. I love the simple style of the peacock top, easy for weekends at home but grown up enough for an 8 year old too. To top off the outfits I chose a pair of slip on trainers to match the jeans.

Now take Little 2, a girly girl who most often wants to wear a dress or skirt and tights, that girl loves tights. She will be turning 6 in a matter of days and needs a little something that doesn't have rabbits, trolls or princesses on the front but yet at the same time is cute and girly just like her.

Clockwise from top left: Candy pink flared skirt with a polka dot print £26.50, Pastel pink jacquard blouse in 100% cotton £26.50, Basic stretch cotton leggings £8.50 Pastel pink fine knit cardigan in 100% cotton £20, Pink fuchsia slip-on trainers in hi-tech material £29.
She looks great in pastels particularly pale pink and I think this colour looks great with the grey leggings, teemed with her fluffy winter boots or these cute fuchsia canvas pumps in the drier weather and topped with a fine knit cardigan to keep the Spring chill at bay.

I have also added a cute bright skirt that could be dressed up or down and worn on its own with sandals or with tights too. The item I love most for her is the Pastel pink jacquard blouse in the top corner, check out those cute frills. It is made in 100% cotton lightweight jacquard fabric with interwoven polka dots in a slightly flared design. A round neckline with an inset panel and playful frills look smart yet pretty. I can imagine her in it now cool for warmer days and with a cardigan or shrug when she goes outdoors, it is so her, stylish yet dainty, and all importantly pink too.

Clockwise from top left: Sunny orange t-shirt with melange colour blocking £12.50, Blue coloured stretch jeans with adjustable waist £26.50, Grey logo sweatshirt hoodie in a basic look £20.

Little 3 is too young to have his own sense of style but he does like to choose what he wears sometimes, he currently has lots of jersey trousers and several pairs of boy leggings, all of which were the only things that fitted over the cloth nappies he used to wear but now he is in pants and is growing out of these I can not wait to get him into jeans and colourful trousers as well as funky leggings too. 

I love colour, the girls have wardrobes full of pink, purple, stripes and colourful appliques but I find boys clothes quite limiting, there is not a lot of choice. I was pleased to find these bright blue stretch jeans on Esprit and thought they would look great with the orange t-shirt, and the hoodie just compliments the grey stripe perfectly. 

So what do you think, do you like what we picked? What would you choose from the Spring collection?

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