15 December 2018

Little 3 reviews the new BRIO battery operated action train

Rarely a day goes by at the moment when Little 3 isn't playing with something that has wheels. The current favoured toys are his trains, there is a track snaking its way around the Christmas tree and all sorts of vehicles are dispersed around the track as he plays out his imaginary scenarios.

8 December 2018

Plus Plus- the building toy we are all playing with, even the grown ups

How much building fun can you have with a pile of little plastic pieces? Well, the answer is hours and hours. We have been reviewing a new construction toy in our house called Plus Plus and it has all 5 of us busy making, creating, designing, imagining and building. Even after the children have gone to bed Daddy and I are still playing with it and it is actually quite therapeutic.

3 December 2018

Herodrive - the toy car for your little superhero

Calling all little Superheroes..... there is an emergency, there is a fire at the hospital, a bad guy on the train and on particularly imaginative days, a dragon on the water tower! We have been reviewing the new Herodrive collection and if you know a little one who loves vehicles or DC super friends then we think they will just love these.

18 November 2018

Playfoam Pals- a combination of sensory and collectible fun

Is it just my three that love sensory play? They love to get their hands on all things tactile at the moment and spend quite a lot of time moulding creating and building on any given day. Another big thing in our house at the moment is collectibles, especially with the girls so imagine their delight when they received these Playfoam pals to review.

11 November 2018

Jitterbug -the game that has the Little Ones in giggles

The sound of laughter is echoing around the walls, there is squealing and giggling as well as the odd groan of disappointment, there is a large colourful bug jumping up and down on the dining room table and the Little Ones are all playing together happily.

4 November 2018

Family fun with Penguin Pile Up

The weather has turned cooler and the nights are drawing in, all of a sudden we are spending more time indoors and the little Ones are digging out their games after school instead of playing in the garden or on the trampoline. The newest hit game in our house is Penguin pile up.

1 November 2018

Smooshins surprise maker review

Are your children obsessed with collectibles and squishy brightly coloured character toys? Would they like a toy that takes 'unboxing' to a whole new level? The Smooshins surprise maker does just that, with an exciting arts and crafts twist- you can make your own collectibles with the kit provided, that's over 10,000 combinations of characters and accessories, no one will have a Smooshin like yours.

28 October 2018

The Little Ones learn to code with Power Tracks

'Do you know what coding is?' I asked Little 1 the other day when our latest toy review product had just arrived, 'Not really', she replied. In a world full of computers, gadgets and technology I wasn't particularly surprised though I am sure I have talked to her about this before. I began to explain the room-sized early computers, binary code and all about coding machines and programmes to get things to work. She was actually really interested so I told her all about our Little friend Volty, you are about to meet. 

24 October 2018

The Little Ones finally get their sought after toy- Fingerlings Monkeys

Little 2 has been on and on about Fingerlings for about a year now, she first spotted them in the run up to Christmas last year but I couldn't find the one she had wanted and has since mentioned them, oh around daily! She loves all the colours and the different animals and was desperate to get her hands on one.

20 October 2018

A brilliant time at #Blogontoys - 6 reasons you should go.

It is almost 5 years since I started this blog and four and a half years since I went to my first blogger conference where I had a good time and came away with lots of ideas, information, a few new friends and contacts, it was high time I went along to another.

Having seen Blog On conferences popping up in my social feeds twice a year and hearing about what a great time everyone was having, how much they were learning and the lovely brands they were meeting not to mention the Christmas party, Blog On toy awards and the infamous Blog On goody bags I decided I wanted to go.

18 October 2018

Play Dirt, Bugs and a Monster Truck Rally- A three year olds dream

I have said before that Little 3 has a love of vehicles, it doesn't really matter what but trains, trucks and fire engines feature particularly highly on his lists when he reels off his favourite toys, not only that but Little 3 loves tactile and messy play and adores helping in the garden and bug spotting too so imagine my delight when he was sent the Play Dirt Monster Truck Rally recently.

11 October 2018

Snow much fun with Floof - reusable indoor snow

Now that the weather has changed and it is getting a bit chillier out Little 3 has begun to ask almost on a daily basis if it is Winter yet and seems more than a little disappointed each morning when I draw back his bedroom curtains and tell him that, 'No, it has not snowed overnight yet'.

2 October 2018

The Little Ones try out the 'Read with Phonics' app

Lately Little 3 has been showing an interest in letters and letter sounds or Phonics as they are known, he has been asking what letters are called and what sound they make, at just 3 and a half he attends pre-school but isn't yet in school so when we were asked to review the 'Read with Phonics' app I thought it might be a good introduction for him and a bit of fun too.

23 September 2018

The whole family get stuck in with Kinetic Sand- Beach kingdom

I am sure you will have heard of Kinetic Sand, the moldable, mess free building compound that you just can't help but touch. It is in the way you can squash it together to form structures which will stand for ages and then at the same time it can simply suddenly dissolve again sliding through your fingers in a liquid sort of manner leaving no residue. 

13 September 2018

A new found freedom for Little 3

This summer was one of growth and changes, all three Little Ones shot up especially Little 2 and Little 3 found new independence and a world of freedom. It is amazing what a difference can happen to children in just 6 weeks and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they change and grow even from one week to the next.

4 September 2018

Strawberry picking with friends

So the strawberry picking season is coming to an end and I almost forgot to write about the fun afternoon we had strawberry picking with friends back at the beginning of the holidays.

21 August 2018

A big fat box of photo memories from Cheerz

When I think about all the photos I take of my family, the days out, holidays, milestones, birthdays and all the other things inbetween it makes me wonder how many photos are stored on my phone, my camera and my computer. There must be thousands of them and how many do I actually print out, not many to be honest.

17 August 2018

Is Little 3 really ready to go to pre-school ?

It is true what they say, children really do grow fast, literally from one day to the next. I find it hard to believe that Little 3 will be starting pre-school in September, in just over 2 short weeks.

10 August 2018

What the Little Ones wear- Living in Lilly and Sid

I have said it before and I will say it again that in our house we love colourful and comfortable clothes, the Little Ones are always picking out what they want to wear and this summer season we happen to own quite a large selection of Lilly and Sid.

3 August 2018

The girls get creative with Glam Goo deluxe

Slime, the latest craze- the girls have made it at school, bought it and tried to re-create it at home, they love playing with it, stretching at and now they can accessorise it.

26 July 2018

The one with the water balloon fight

So the sun is still holding out and boy is it hot, the Little Ones have practically lived in the paddling pool for weeks and keeping cool to avoid uncomfortable sweaty children has become the main priority right now. 

23 July 2018

Exploring the Giant LEGO animal trail at Slimbridge WWT

Last Sunday we had the most awesome family day out at WWT Slimbridge exploring this summer's attraction, the giant LEGO animal trail. Fourteen giant LEGO animals at 1.5 metres high dotted around the wetlands centre for us to find each taking hours to build by professional LEGO builders and using no less than 253,728 bricks to build in total.

21 July 2018

Little 2 reads with Oxford University Press new home reading scheme 'Read with Oxford'

In our house reading is a big thing, we have read to all three Little Ones since babyhood and still continue to do so every night. It may have changed over the years from toddler lift-the-flap books to short stories to Daddy and Little 1 taking it in turns to read pages of Harry Potter series but still we read. Did you know that Reading with your child can be THE most important thing to do with them to help them at school, to get along in life and even reach their full potential?

14 July 2018

What the Little Ones wear- Kitted out in Kite

When the package arrived I was so excited, tearing into the parcel to reveal the most gorgeous yellow t-shirt and fushia pink pedal pushers, I just knew that when Little 2 got home from school and saw it her school uniform would be gone in seconds, swapped for this beautiful outfit and I wasn't wrong.

8 July 2018

Little 1 is head over heels about Gymnastics

If you have seen my eldest daughter recently you will know that she spends very little time on her feet, you see she is gymnastics mad and can most often be found cartwheeling upside down or the wrong way up practicing her handstands. She can not help herself cartwheeling along the grass on the way to school or doing a handstand as she crosses the front room, she simply can not sit still.

1 July 2018

Dunster Castle, the place that started the love

Over half term we spent the weekend at Butlins in Minehead, on the day we had to leave to come home we popped into Dunster Castle. Dunster Castle was the place that sparked our love of the National Trust, when we were on holiday a few years ago we went to visit there with the girls and as we wandered around looking in all the old rooms and gazing at the greenhouse, we told the girls all sorts of things and answered so many questions as they were so interested, it was such a lovely day out.

12 June 2018

Cooling off on sunny afternoons at Slimbridge

What do you do on hot sunny afternoons when you need somewhere to go to cool off? We often head to our happy place, the local wildfowl and wetlands trust, Slimbridge. Being members we often pop down for a few hours on weekend afternoons to have a wander around, feed the birds or splash in wellyboot land.

1 June 2018

The beauty that is Butterflies

Who doesn't love butterflies? My girls love them, everytime they spot one out and about there is excitement and shouting and so we thought a trip to the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo and maze was well over due as it isn't far from us and it was a whole 4 years since we last went - The one with all the butterflies.

23 May 2018

Little 1 likes the Project Mc2 ADISN spy journal

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a journal that could speak to you, give you the time of day, hints and tips and even help you solve mysteries. Well, McKayla McAlister has just that in the Netflix tv show Project Mc2. Meet A.D.I.S.N the electronic journal which stands for Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook.

19 May 2018

A visit to Gloucester Jet Age museum

Where do you go on a cold wet supposedly Spring day when you really can't afford to spend any money but the children are on their Easter holidays and have exhausted the craft cupboard and are beginning to drive each other balmy? After googling nearby places to go and take them out for a bit I stumbled on The Gloucester Jet Age Museum, not that far from us and totally free (though donations are appreciated).

10 May 2018

Little 1 goes undercover with the Project MC2 spy bag

I recently told you about a new TV show on Netflix that the girls have been watching, Project MC² set in the fictional city of Maywood Glen, California telling the stories of McKayla McAlister and her friends and how, with the help of government agency NOV8, they solve crimes using science experiments and hi-tech gadgets.

30 April 2018

Family fun exploring Dyrham Park

Lately we had a couple of days out when it wasn't raining and recently headed to Dyrham Park near Bath, a National Trust house. We had been there before a couple of years ago but we all wanted to go back and see if we could spot the deer there after they had been elusive last time.

24 April 2018

In desperate need of a Spring garden overhaul

Once upon a time, long before we had children, our garden looked like this, lush and green grass, full of lovely interesting plants. We had a beautiful pond complete with a bog garden containing all sorts of weird and wonderful flowering plants, a trickling stream from the back of the garden and a lovely neat circular gravelled bit in front of the kitchen window.

21 April 2018

A doll with a difference, Project MC2 experiment doll

With a talking notebook and a shifty look about her, McKayla McAlister has arrived in Maywood Glen and friends Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn just know there is something up with her and are determined to find out what. 

16 April 2018

Little 3 is one of the gang now

There have been some signs for a while now, that Little 3 was growing up, changing and becoming one of three. It is not now the girls and a baby, a toddler, he has become a proper little boy. An Easter duck hunt at Slimbridge wetlands and wildfowl trust this holidays made me realise just that.

14 April 2018

No need to look for those baby deals anymore

It all started with the refusal to sit in the booster seat at the dinner table, Little 3 has got used to sitting on a chair next to me while we have lunch after nursery during the week and so after a few days he didn't want to sit in his own seat for tea any longer. We realised that he could reach the table anyway and didn't actually need the seat although it was handy to keep him in one place during a whole mealtime. He was so pleased when we took it away and he could sit like a big boy at the table.

Looking far too grown up

7 April 2018

Too much caffeine and a taste of Decadent Decaf

I never used to like coffee much really, not until I was in my mid twenties, it was instant for me back then and only one in the morning usually or if we went out to a cafe I'd have a second.

2 April 2018

Reigniting a love of reading with Fiction Express

Ever since they were small we have read to all the Little Ones, and now that they are getting older it is great to see that they love reading and often pick up a book to chill out in their bedroom or on the sofa, rarely a day goes by where they do not do any reading at all.

26 March 2018

Looking super cool and grown up in Boots Mini Club New Fearne Cotton collection

Now that Little 3 has turned three years old he is starting to show an interest in his clothes drawers, well, when I say interest he will still wear whatever I get out for him on a given day but he always points to his jeans if they are in there and asks to wear those as he thinks they are for more grown up boys.

21 March 2018

Introducing Lumo Stars, the cuddly characters with gorgeous coloured eyes

I can only imagine the dark Nordic night with sheets of bright colours as the Northern lights shimmer across the sky, look into the eyes of the latest, cute and cuddly huggable pet, and you get a glimpse of what you could see out there. Let me introduce you to the Lumo Stars, Northern Brights collection.

19 March 2018

The Little ones have fun in the snow (again)

When I went to bed on Saturday night I knew there was a possibility of snow on Sunday but I was not expecting to wake up to 4 inches of the stuff, the Little Ones were thrilled to see it had snowed again and it wasn't long before they were outside in it having fun.

13 March 2018

On the eve of your third birthday, Little 3

It is the eve of Little 3's third birthday and as I write this I find it hard to believe quite how fast those three years have gone and how much he has changed all of a sudden. I still vividly remember the day he was born and that Daddy almost missed it as Little 3 had decided the time was right.... now!

6 March 2018

The one where Little 3 choked on a penny

It all happened so fast, one minute it was fine and the next it was not but let me start at the beginning.

It was actually a few months ago now but I wanted to write as a reminder that things can happen in an instant and that these kind of things can happen to anyone.

5 March 2018

Money, 3 ways to improve your cash flow

Spring is in the air and the end of the financial year is approaching, as a blogger this means there will soon be a tax return to complete and as a parent it means there will be another new term of fees to pay. 

28 February 2018

An extra special Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day is one of those occasions when I want to say Thank You to my own Mum for everything she does for us. Always available for a spot of babysitting, helping me out when the girls club pick ups clash, baking tasty treats among other things and just generally being the best and most thoughtful Mum and Nanny.

24 February 2018

A boy and his love of scootin'

At nearly three years old Little 3 wants to walk to school and nursery much of the time now but equally he has days where he just wants to be carried and not walk at all, particularly after his mornings at nursery, it is heavy going lugging a toddler and his rucksack or a gym kit and three lunchboxes (and even a cardboard space rocket today!) home from school. Some days, particularly wet and chilly ones, I still take the pushchair to give my back and arms a rest and others he is happy to take his favourite method of transport.... scooting.

20 February 2018

Boredom busting this half term with gift in a tin

February half term has to be the school holiday I like the least, it is the weather that lets it down. It is either bitterly cold or raining or in the case of this one, both, with freezing winds thrown in too. With Daddy at work with the car, getting out and about means going out on foot and my suggestions at going out into the cold are often met with looks of horror and groans of 'Noooooo' as I am thoroughly outnumbered by three reluctant children.

10 February 2018

Tick tock a gorgeous wooden clock

'What's the time, Mummy?' is a phrase I hear quite often at the moment. Little 2 has recently learnt to tell the time to the o'clock and half hour but anything in between is still a bit of a wonder to her. 

7 February 2018

Little 2 has a birthday - 6 years old

Last weekend was a busy one for us, it was Little 2's 6th birthday. It started after school on the Friday with a playdate and a little birthday tea with a couple of her school friends. There was lots of dressing up in a variety of princess dresses and ballerina outfits and all the dolls, teddies and cuddly toys were brought down to share the tea and have a sing along and dance with some of the girls favourite tunes too.

26 January 2018

A spring wardrobe to brighten the dull winter days

Isn't it so dark and dull out right now, as I peer out the window I see thick low grey cloud and as I beat my way through the rain on the school run I am thinking of the Spring, the warmer drier weather and the Little Ones shedding their thick layers in favour of cute cardis and pumps or bright coloured tees in the case of Little 3.

I have been thinking about the Little Ones wardrobes, Littles 2 and 3 need a little sort out, some of the sleeves on their tops are getting too short and some of our old favourites are looking well worn, I think a new outfit or two could be in order.

22 January 2018

Hands up if you like outdoor fun

We try to get outdoors every weekend but lately we have been indoors a lot more than usual with one or other of the Little Ones suffering from some winter illness or another, the weather has been pretty dismal too, rainy dreary days do not make us want to leave the house.

10 January 2018

Too long at the computer and an issue with carpal tunnel syndrome

I have been spending a great deal of time at the computer recently, not only do I spend an hour or two each evening blogging and doing blogging related tasks like photo editing and networking on social media etc but during the day when Little 3 is at nursery I am currently very busy getting on with my coursework to qualify as a teaching assistant.