31 December 2017

A look back at 2017, a year of changes and family fun

As I sit here writing this it is New Year's Eve and I can not believe that yet another year has come and gone, I say it every year but each seems to pass that little bit quicker than the previous one. This year the Little Ones have grown some more and there have been a few changes and some lovely short breaks and holidays too. 

2017 was a good year for us, in January we saw big changes in Little 3, he suddenly seemed to grow up and become a little boy rather than a toddler.

February was full of fun with some fab days out including the one where we met a mermaid and this was also the month where I went back to work after being at home for 5 years.

March saw lots of outdoor play come rain or shine as we grew weary of the long winter weather and looked ahead towards the Spring.

April was a busy month with a trip to Butlins for Daddy's 40th and a last minute Easter getaway with friends, this was also the month that we took a leap and began to potty train Little 3.

May saw us getting out and about making plenty of use of our National Trust Membership visiting nearby houses and exploring the outdoors.

June was the month that my blog kind of took off a bit more, there were plenty of opportunities for us including the chance at our first restaurant review.

July was the month that I noticed the Little Ones had all changed again and where we spent a great deal of time enjoying our local wetlands centre over and over in the warm summer weather.

August was the month we enjoyed a family holiday fossil hunting in Charmouth, it was one of our best as a family of five and we all enjoyed it, we had so much fun.

September was a month of changes for us, I went back to college and Little 1 made the jump to Junior School while Little 3 started at nursery and I am pleased to say it is all still going well.

October was the month Little 1 celebrated her 8th birthday and I realised yet again how fast the Little Ones are growing up and have changed this past year. 

November was another blogging high for me as we got to stay at the beautiful Bluestone National Park for half-term where we all had a good time.

December saw us treating the Little Ones to a surprise winter wonderland trip and spending the Christmas holidays with friends and family as well as lots of fun in the snow.

And here we are in the final moments of 2017, so I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks for sharing it with us and to wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Happy New Year from Loving Life with Little Ones x

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