30 November 2017

Winter is on it's way

The weather has definitely turned colder this week and the nights are drawing in, it was dark by 4 o'clock the other day, the heating has been on a lot longer than normal today and the girls even wore hats and scarves on the walk to school, winter is on it's way.

We popped out one Sunday afternoon to our local wetlands trust centre for a bit of fresh air and a run around and took in the winter sun.

The girls enjoyed feeding the birds and watching the funny courtship displays that the flamingos were performing while I tried to take photos in the fading light but actually I quite like what I managed to capture.

We went for a wander and watched the swans starting to settle for the evening but we didn't make it down to the park and decided to give the water play area a miss this time.

The girls have suddenly started cooperating and playing well together again rather than bickering which they were doing recently. They walked arm in arm and skipped along the paths as Little 3 followed along behind shouting out and pointing at the birds flying in the sky.

Soon we all got a little chilly and headed to the cafe before it closed for cookies and hot chocolates with cream, a quick trip to visit the amphibians and it was time to go home for tea.

I love visiting this place at different times of the year, everything changes so much, it is one of our families favourite places right now and if you ask the Little Ones where they want to go on a weekend afternoon there is always a vote for Slimbridge.

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