13 November 2017

Mickey's Roadster Racer pit crew tool kit review

Little 3 has a fascination for tools at the moment, he is always going around with a toy screwdriver putting it in all the screws he can find trying to undo them and he loves hammering things, I have had to confiscate that a few times! 

When we were asked if Little 3 would like to review Mickey's Roadster racer pit crew tool kit, I knew it would be right up his street.

The pit crew tool box is just like the one that Mickey uses in the hit Disney Junior show Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers so fans of the show would love to imitate the famous mouse and play with this kit. 

Little 3 was certainly happy with his new toy, it comes displayed nicely in the tool box held in with formed plastic and after I had taken to it with scissors to get it all free of the packaging Little 3 got stuck in straight away. 

The tool kit comes complete with a removeable handle and soft plastic box decorated with brightly coloured themed stickers and Mickey heads. Inside it contains a hammer, screwdriver, 4 plastic plates, a wrench and a spanner, 4 screws, 4 pegs with Mickey shaped heads and 6 nuts.

There is a handy peg board on the side of the kit for attaching the plates and hammering in the bolts, Little 3 loves this feature and spends ages trying to fit the pieces together, his two big sisters have spent time playing with it too!

Little 3 loves his new tool kit, at 2 and a half (recommended age 3+) he can comfortably handle all the tools and there are no little bits to get lost either. I particularly like the fact that everything easily sits back in the box at the end of the day and he can carry it around with him when he plays.

Daddy was doing a bit of DIY the other day and when Little 3 saw, he shot off to get his kit and stood there trying to help copying his Daddy, it was lovely to see. He knows the names for all his tools now and is developing his dexterity from using his tools too.

Mickey's Roaster pit crew tool box is available at Smyths toys with an rrp £14.99 but is currently on offer for £10.99 at the time of posting. It is also part of a larger range all available at Smyths too.

N.B We were gifted a tool box for Little 3 in return for this post but all opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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