24 November 2017

5 Fun foodie gifts for Christmas and a cake!

When it comes to Christmas fare I don't tend to stock up on a lot, I do like to get a few special bits and a box of choccies or two in for the evenings and fun foodie Christmas gifts are always a hit. This year I have found a few gems perfect for my family, ssshh don't tell them though!!

One of Daddy's favourite evening snacks is a bag of nuts especially around Christmas time when he likes those mixed bags of cashews and pistachios you can get (where I pick out all the raisin and chocolate bits!!). He does like flavoured almonds too so when I heard about Munky Nuts I knew they would be right up his street. 

Munky nuts are just that, peanuts in shells, but these are roasted a little bit longer and mixed with a flavour sensation (without any nasty additives or extra flavourings), they come in chilli, garlic or coconut varieties and at £1.79 a 100g bag available from the Munky Website they will make a great addition to Daddy's stocking on Christmas morning.

Talking of Daddy, we also have a giggle when it comes to Brussel Sprouts, he absolutely hates the things but every Christmas he has one, just one with his Christmas dinner as he feels he should. So when I heard about these Chocolate sprouts made by the yummy chocolate company Choconbloc I knew they would be a great idea for him. Made with white chocolate they do look quite realistic and they taste good too (Little 1 was happy to taste test the press sample we were sent). Priced at £9.99 from Findmeagift.co.uk.

Also available from Findmeagift.co.uk is this great looking chocolate cheese board with a solid thick chocolate base, a hunk of white chocolate 'cheddar' and 'squidgy brie' as well as a little mouse and some pink grapes, a dark chocolate 'stilton' with a white chocolate coating finishes it off nicely. 

We often buy Grandad a bottle of port and a cheese board for a Christmas gift, I reckon he would have a laugh at this chocolate alternative and it will make a nice change, The Mini chocolate cheese board is 300g and £14.99 but well worth it for the fun factor and thick rich chocolate.

Talking of fun factor, have you ever tried a chocolate pizza? Little 1 was lucky enough to receive this one for her birthday. Made by The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company it came as a kit all boxed up neatly with a pizza tray, meltable chocolate buttons for the base, white chocolate flakes, chocolate beans and jelly belly jelly beans for decoration. It only took a few minutes to make and boy it was tasty, we all had a slice of this one. The make your own chocolate pizza kit is £11.99 (from Findmeagift.co.uk) and will make a great gift for my hard to buy for nephew this year.

My next gift was a welcome find, let me fill you in... Years ago when (Nanny) my mum was in her late teens/early twenties she lived in the Netherlands for a few years. She fell in love with the taste of traditional Dutch Speculaas biscuits and used to make her own. When she returned to the UK she couldn't find anywhere that sold the right spice mix, she tried making her own and ended up getting her friends from over there to send it to her here in the UK, as time went on they fell out of touch and she often says at this time of year that she would like to make Speculaas again. 

Thanks to the wonders of the modern internet, I have got a surprise for her this christmas. I found out about The Speculaas Spice Company who sell an authentic speculaas spice mix in a variety of sizes and traditional wooden moulds, cutters and gift sets too. This mini spice kit with 25g of spice, cooking instructions and a windmill mould is £9.99 and will be a welcome surprise in Nanny's stocking the Christmas. We tried out a kit ourselves and the biscuits the girls helped me make tasted just like I remember my mum making when I was a child. I hope she likes them, we are planning to make a batch as a surprise  for her birthday next week too.

Last but not least is a letterbox cake from bakerdays.  A bakerdays letterbox cake is just that, a scrummy little cake that fits through a letterbox in it's own little protective tin with a cheeky christmas cracker and gift card. There are lots of Christmas designs to choose from many of which can be personalised with writing and even a photo. A letterbox cake at £14.99  would make a great surprise gift for a special someone. 

We reviewed a sponge version recently  and it was very yummy. This time we opted for a traditional fruit cake as it is Christmas after all and although I am not usually a fruit cake fan this was really moist and filled with cherries, raisins and just a little bit of peel, yum, Little 3 approved too.

Merry Christmas everyone.

N.B We received press samples of these products but everything I have said is totally true, honest. 

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