6 October 2017

What if they got sick?? Stem cells with Smart Cells

The Little Ones are tucked up snug in their beds sleeping peacefully and once again I find myself staring at Little 3 on the video monitor feeling thankful that he is healthy. You might remember that Little 3 had problems with his heart when I was pregnant and that he seemed to outgrow his issue thankfully as he grew, we are still not entirely sure if the problem has resolved completely, but he is healthy and growing and developing normally. 

Having been through all that with our third child, I do often think back to the worries of the early days and as I watch him sleeping soundly and tell myself how lucky we are to have three healthy children. As every parent does, I think about their future and can only hope that they are healthy and happy as they grow, but what if they got ill and I could have done something about it, to help?

Have you ever thought about the idea of cord banking? Collecting and storing the Stem cells from your child's umbilical cord when they are born just in case you should need them in the future. The idea is still fairly new and is often subjected by misinformation around the collection of stem cells and how they are used. 

Smart Cells, a stem cell collection and storage company who currently have over 40,000 customers have produced a video in order to improve awareness and to explain and inform expectant parents on the idea of Cord Banking.

The video explains what stem cells are, cells which have the potential to develop into various different cell types within the body including blood, bone, tissue and organ. The advantage of this is that they can be used as a repair and maintenance system in case of certain conditions now and in the future for illnesses and conditions such as Leukemia, Cerebral Palsy, Sickle Cell Disease, Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. Research into Stem Cells in ongoing with treatment of conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes and Diabetes expecting to see advancements in stem Cell use the future.

Just think, do you want to safeguard your child's future?

N.B This was a collaborative post - Video provided by Smart Cells and Netmums.

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