10 October 2017

My beautiful Little 1 turns 8 years old.

They say when you have children that time flies and to enjoy it while you can as they grow up so quickly, well it is certainly true, I can hardly believe that my little girl is 8 years old already.

The last few days have seen us celebrating her birthday, first a pamper party sleepover with a couple of friends where there were foot spa's, facepacks, nail varnish, lots of giggling, plenty of dancing and gymnastics practicing with pizza and ice cream too. The girls all had a good time.

Little 1's birthday was on a school day and so as Daddy goes to work early there was only time for a few of her cards and gifts before he left in the morning, she was super excited and thrilled to receive a brand new Microscooter and matching helmet, I think she would not have minded not receiving anything else until later!

Daddy finished work early and he surprised her by picking her up from school, and after a scoot home via the park we opened the rest of her gifts. When we asked her what she wanted to do for tea she said she wanted to go to the pub so she could play on the play area, so we did along with nanny and Uncle M who had come to celebrate the day with us. We all shared a chocolate cake back at home as Little 1 explored all her birthday gifts afterwards too.

Since starting Junior School last month Little 1 has has a huge boost in confidence, she settled really well and loves her teacher and her new school, she has taken the changes and new routines in her stride and is really working hard, although getting her to do her spellings every night is painful (they have some really hard ones too).

She has grown up just that little bit more and is showing an interest in fashion, telling me that some of her current clothes need to be handed down to her sister as she would like to get some more grown up looking ones! She has fallen in love with grey and maroon tops, sequins and stars so I had to buy a whole load of leggings for her birthday as nothing matched all the pink and purple things she had before. She has started wanting to wear the little bit of make up that she owns at weekends and has informed me that she would like to buy some more!

My girl is growing up!

At 8 years old Little 1 loves:
Writing plays
Drawing pictures
Anything crafty
Riding her scooter
Playing outdoors
and has a growing interest in fashion and make up!

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