18 October 2017

Memories from Lanzarote

Looking back through photographs recently, I came across the pictures of our honeymoon in Lanzarote, back before we had children, over 8 years ago. It is somewhere we both enjoyed being on holiday and somewhere I would like to go back to and to explore further.

Lanzarote is one if the Canary Islands just off the North Coast of Africa, once activly volcanic, it has an interesting landscape and climate and was a great place to go to celebrate our marriage. We have plenty of great memories of our time there.  

The first thing that struck me when we landed that July was the weather, there was wall to wall sunshine and clear blue skies and quite windy. It was really really windy at times but it was such a warm wind that gave welcome relief when out in the 30 degree sun. We stayed in Costa Teguise on the far East side of the island, with the warm wind coming off the Sahara Desert it makes a great place to go for watersports, we spent a a couple of afternoons watching a surfing competition while we were there from the shelter of an umbrella, drink in hand. Lovely.

The landscape is so different, everywhere you look is black volcanic sand in the gardens around the hotels and palm trees everywhere, but then when you look to the beach there are golden sands or bleached white sands too, such an interesting place to explore. 

A trip on the bus (fab public transport by the way) into Arrecife one afternoon showed us the delights and culture of the islands capital, We took a trip up into the hotel (in the pic below) right up to the cafe on the top floor and viewed the city from the glass floor. 

The white buildings and pale sands looked so typical of a holiday paradise from above while historic churches and street vendors were nestled in the backstreets just calling to be explored.

Away from the city and up into the hills stands Timanfaya National Park, a remnant of all the volcanic activity all those years ago. Black sand and rock everywhere are rarely a plant to be seen, the barren moon like terrain is a must see.

We went on a guided tour by bus to the attraction there, a resturant and shop where they show you how the island still has underlying volcanic activity, sweet potatoes cooking over holes going deep into the ground giving off such heat from the volcanic activity deep below.

Then we were shown by our guide, water poured into a hole and a shooting steamy geyser came flying out. It really was an interesting place to visit.

We couldn't help but smile at the rows and rows of camels carrying tourists up the sides of the mountains in single file one by one, we didn't actually have a ride ourselves as I was 6 months pregnant with Little 1 at the time but it looked like fun.

Did you know that Lanzarote had vineyards?, I certainly didn't. On a trip around the island we stopped at the base of the black rocky terrain and there growing in little dippy's in the ground were vines. Surrounded by tiny walls to protect them from the wind and planted in a way to reflect the sun and collect the moisture, it was quite a sight and the wine we tasted wasn't bad either.

We finished our holiday with a trip to the Rancho Texas Animal park, full of reptiles and sun loving animals basking in the mid-day sun, we were lucky enough to see a white tiger too, he was magnificent.

We haven't had the chance to go back to Lanzarote with Holiday Gems since the Little Ones have been around but I reckon they would like it there, it is only a 4 hour flight from the UK so not too long for travelling with children either. I know Little 1 would be in awe of the landscape.

N.B This was a collaborative post.

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