8 October 2017

Little 1 gets a birthday surprise from bakerdays

Everyone loves to get a parcel in the post, especially if you are excitedly awaiting your 8th birthday and counting down the days until a sleepover party with friends. The anticipation of what is inside is just too much when you are 7  years old and as Mummy knew what was inside I let Little 1 open the parcel from bakerdays that arrived that day.

Inside was a little letterbox cake, which survived the British postal system and a fall from our letterbox to the floor unscathed. Little 1 was thrilled on opening the box to find a cute tin containing the cake, a little card, a little packet containing two candles, 3 balloons and a party blower and a list of ingredients and allergy information.

I knew the cake was coming, you see I had arranged for the surprise letterbox cake to arrive the day before her birthday sleepover with her friends thinking they could all share it together as her proper birthday was a few days after and she would not be getting her actual birthday cake until then.

I certainly wasn't disappointed, the ordering was easy, I picked the design of the cake I liked from all sorts of designs covering a wide range of occasions, there really is something for everyone. I chose a bright flowery design that I could personalise with a photo to make it extra special and then decided on what wording to use, I opted to use Little 1's blog alias name as I would be taking photos of the cake but had it just been for us I would have used her real name, not that she minded, she thought it was cool!! I had the perfect photo to go on it and that was simple and easy to upload and send as well.

Then it was to choose the flavour of the cake, I opted for traditional vanilla but you can also have chocolate chip, fruit cake,  lemon drizzle, dairy free or gluten wheat free so there really is something that everyone will like even if you have an intolerance.

Letterbox cakes from bakerdays are 5 inches in diameter and serve 3-4 portions and priced at £14.99, perfect for the girls to share at the sleepover. 

The cake looked great, the photo came out well and the design on the icing was brightly coloured and clear, I loved the fact that it spread right around the edges of the cake too. I did get a little taste before the children devoured it all, the sponge was light and tasty with not too much icing on the top, the girls all gave it a thumbs up too.

Letterbox cakes would make a great surprise gift in the post for someone, an alternative to a card or a fabulous treat for someone, check back with us in a few weeks when we launch our Foodie Christmas Gift Guide as we will be giving away a free bakerdays letterbox cake to one of you.

N.B We received our Letterbox cake in return for this post, all opinions are our own honest thoughts.

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