23 October 2017

Ladybirds, ladybirds everywhere

It has been pretty windy around here lately so we dug out the kites and thought we would have another go at flying them after the lack of success we had a few months ago. 

We popped up to the beacon not very far from us armed with kites and crossed fingers, as soon as we stepped out the car something else caught our eyes. There were so many ladybirds on the fence next to where we were getting out if the car. 

There must have been at least thirty crawling around the top of the fence, the Little Ones immediately started picking them up and handling them, within moments they were flying on to our clothes too, especially Daddy and Little 1's grey t-shirts.

Among the usual red ones with black spots were a few different species too, one or two mostly black with red or orange spots and a couple with no spots at all, we eventually managed to persuade the Little Ones out of the car park and continue on our way.

Little 3 was happy to jump on all the tufty bits of grass and over all the cow pats up there, thank goodness he didn't fall in! Little 1 was busy trying to get her kite to fly and running around narrowly avoiding other people until we sent her to a quieter spot while Little 2 was making the most of the open space running at full speed down the hill and walking back up again.

The whole time we were walking ladybirds kept flying past or landing on us, at one point Daddy has at least 4 on him! Eventually we made it to the topograph where the Little Ones have a tendency to climb on and ask for photographs with the beautiful Stroud valleys behind them.

The ladybirds continued to follow, the girls helped them off all our clothing and onto the uneven top of the monument, watching them running up and down on the surface and seeing who's could go the farthest before flying off.

Although it was gusty there was not the right wind for kite flying again so we gave up running around and headed on our usual short circular walk towards a fallen tree.

Trees of course have to be climbed, we spent a while there enjoying the warm afternoon sun while the girls climbed and Little 3 looked for bugs under all the fallen branches (he isn't a fan of climbing trees yet but given any other flat surface!!)

Soon it was time to head home for tea, but not before the Little Ones had picked flowers for me. Little 3 was especially pleased with his offering which we brought home to put in an eggcup.

A final burst of energy back at the car park saw a game of leapfrog over the wooden posts, Little 3 who was not quite tall enough to get over developed his own unique style which had us all in stitches.

After making sure we removed all the ladybirds off our clothes and out of the car boot we headed home for a lovely roast dinner. We always find something new to do when we go for a stroll, have you every seen so many ladybirds all in one place??

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