28 October 2017

Dreaming of crystal clear turquoise seas and far away beaches

We have just come back from a lovely Autumn half term break in Wales and I am beginning to think about where to go on our summer holiday next year, the Little Ones have simple requests and that is that there is a beach and preferably a swimming pool close by.

So far we have only taken them on UK holidays but now that they are older and we are done with nappies and almost done with naps (sob!) we are beginning to think about other destinations.

Beach holidays in the UK can be a lot of fun, the Little Ones would spend hours sitting at the waters edge paddling and jumping over the waves and building sand castles and giant moats for the sea to consume but it is all dependant on the weather, and the British summers lately have been a bit dismal of late. The last trip to the leach lasted all of 40 minutes and we returned in wellies and jumpers to paddle the next day!!

So where could we go? I would like somewhere warm where the children can laze at the  waters edge on the beach or splash around in the shallows of a swimming pool while I keep an eye on them from under an umbrella and put my feet up for ten minutes before giving in to requests to build sandcastles or to catch them as they jump into the pool. I have been exploring Destination2.co.uk who offer plenty of blue sea and sun soaked beach destinations, I have picked out my top three, I wonder if the Little ones would agree?

I would really love to go to Mauritius, it was our honeymoon destination of choice but we wanted to go away when it was the rainy season so ended up going elsewhere. Mauritius just looks so lovely, the clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, bright blue skies and lush green palms, oh the pictures look so inviting. Not only are there beaches to while away the day on but the area has Botanical Gardens and World Heritage sights the Little Ones would love to explore. Then there are little villages bursting with local cuisine and culture to potter away the evenings before watching the magical sunsets from a hotel balcony while the Little Ones sleep. I can keep dreaming I suppose.

The Maldives would be next on my list, oh the water looks even better, so clear and so blue, I can just imagine snorkeling and seeing all the wildlife swimming beneath my feet. I love the way the holiday accommodation sits on platforms out at sea with little palm covered huts, perfect for couples and with all the little resorts catering for different people there is something for everyone, even families. I would love to take a boat trip to Male and stare in wonder at the city on an island surrounded by the tropical sea, with the bright houses and tropical markets, oh how I would love to take our family there.

I would also love to visit the Caribbean particularly the island of St Lucia, not only does it tick all the boxes for a beautiful tropical island getaway with the luxurious white sand beaches and teal blue sea but it is so green too. Expansive rainforests I would love to explore, riding in aerial sky carts across the rainforest canopy learning about local plant life and hiking up in the mountain peaks to see the lush green valleys would be such an experience. There is culture there too, the capital of Castries home to markets, historical monuments and cathedrals. A perfect mix of things to while away those holiday days.

One day we might make it to one of these destinations either as a family or a couple, where would your dream holiday be?

All the photos in this post were taken by my lovely friend Karen over at Would like to be who really has been on my dream holiday! 

N.B This was a collaborative post.

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