24 September 2017

The bottom of the laundry basket- #EcoverLaundry Challenge

'Oh my gosh, it can't be, is it really? Yes, I believe it is, I can actually see the bottom of my laundry basket...... wait, scrap that..... it is full again'. 

4 sets of bedding, numerous towels, the girls swimming kits, school uniform, a potty training toddler and a handful of cloth nappies as well as normal clothing all needing to be washed can make doing the laundry for a family of 5 quite a chore. Some days with 3 young children it can seem like reaching the bottom of the washing basket is never ending and when you think you might be able to give the washing machine a day off a whole load more of it suddenly appears.

When I think about how many loads of washing I do in a week it must be in the region of around 8 and thinking back to a few months ago when Little 3 was in cloth nappies full time I was doing 3 loads of just nappies a week on top of that too.

A line of cloth nappies is a pretty sight

How can we create so much washing? Well, take this week for example, bearing in mind there are 5 school days a week Little 1 alone has gone through 7 school t-shirts, yes 7, having gotten each one dirty at school with either mud, paint or school dinner she also managed to get her breakfast down one before school and toothpaste all down another, thank goodness Little 2 is not as messy as her sister.

Towels and bedding for a family of 5 takes several loads too (how silly was I thinking chocolate and cream bedding was a good idea, that is two different coloured loads right there!). 

And then there is a toddler in the house, a potty training one at that, we are still at the stage of a few accidents a week when he is busy and forgets to go and he still wears a cloth nappy at night Then there is nursery uniform, oh my gosh, he really loves nursery and judging by the state of his clothes he has a whale of a time there, one afternoon session created a t-shirt and sweatshirt thick in flour and wet soggy trousers from outdoor play plus playdough welded to the sleeves of his spare top, I don't mind as he is having fun but it certainly makes the washing mount up.

So with all this washing I am doing laundry every day, it might be actual washing or just folding things up and putting it away. I actually quite like doing the laundry it is very therapeutic pulling out lovely clean clothes which smell nice from the machine and hanging little socks on the arier.

But what I do not like are stains, the Little Ones love the outdoors and get quite dirty sometimes playing in the garden -sneaking raspberries and tomatoes off the plants, on our outdoor adventures and always spill their favourite chocolate ice cream -every time. I need a decent detergent to get these stains out and as a busy mum I haven't got time to spend scrubbing these stains off their clothes.

Recently we were sent a bottle of Ecover's New Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent to put to the test. The New formula is said to deliver a powerful clean with a delightful naturally inspired fragrance of Lavender and sandalwood and it is dermatologically tested and kind on sensitive skin too. 

So what did we think?  The Little Ones really put the detergent to the test, the first mixed load I tried it on contained among other things stains from school gravy, mud, grass and chocolate ice cream (that's kids for you!). I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the results, after pre-treating with stain remover before putting in the wash, the washing came out with an aura of cleanliness that I don't get from my usual detergent, it just seemed to shine from the arier! The marks had been washed away and the washing smelt clean too.

Little 1 has dry eczema prone skin and some products can make her itchy so I was a little apprehensive about using this different detergent on her clothes but she hasn't reported any itching at all so thumbs up from us on the eczema front.

A clean cosy bed

The only thing I wasn't sure on was the scent, it is a subtle fresh smell which reminded me of a laundrette but I couldn't really pick out either the lavender or the sandalwood smells. When the washing came out it smelt a bit artificial, but clean. The smell didn't last long though and was gone as soon as the washing began to dry, for some this might be good but for me I like my clothes to smell like washing powder for a short while as I find it comforting and love a fresh smelling set of clean bed sheets to snuggle into, with this detergent my bedding didn't smell of anything.

I, like 85% of Mumsnet product testers(May 2017), would use Ecover's New Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent again particularly on Little 1's clothes as the plant-derived ingredients must be better on her skin than conventional products but I won't be giving up my old faithful detergent as it makes my washing smell great.

N.B This post is an entry for Britmums #EcoverLaundry Challenge sponsored by Ecover.com 

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