12 September 2017

Little 2 takes her stabilisers off, plasters at the ready!

Learning to ride a bike is one of those childhood milestones, you have your first bike, whether it is a balance bike or one with stabilisers and the day you sit on a bike and can pedal off down the road unaided is met with a big grin and a parent stood with a camera, well in our house anyway.

Recently Little 2 learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers, she hadn't shown a great deal of interest in her bike (which was once her sister's) preferring to ride her balance bike which really was far too small for her. She never asked to go on her bigger bike and when we suggested it she would ask to use her balance bike or scooter instead.

She had been on it with the stabilisers a few times before but couldn't get the hang of it and tended to tip over, luckily we were there to catch her before she fell off. I think she was so used to her balance bike and keeping herself upright on that by correcting her balance that when she went down dips in the pavement with the stabilisers on and she tried to right herself she then tipped because of the stabilisers. 

One day we decided we knew she was ready and took her and the bike to a playing field near us without the stabilisers on and with a bike buddy handle on the back instead. She hopped on to give it a go after we had reassured her that she couldn't get hurt or fall off as Daddy was holding her up and then she just took off, she got it straight away, literally. She was off pedalling across the grass with Daddy running behind her.

We couldn't believe how fast she had got it and just kept going, getting better and better, before long she had the hang of it and just held herself lovely and straight and was off whizzing around the park. It made me realise that having the stabilisers on after using a balance bike was the wrong thing to do and we will remember this next time when Little 3 learns to ride.

From then on for the whole summer she has repeatedly asked to ride her bike everywhere, to the post box across the road, to Nanny's house and even all the way to holiday in Dorset (and yes, we said a big 'No' to that one), she has barely been off it.

The only downside to riding a bike is that at some point you might fall off and I have to say Little 2's balance is so amazing that as yet she has not fallen off her bike. I do like to be prepared though and always have safety in the back of my mind.

The Little Ones always wear their helmets on their bikes and I am one of those parents who keeps a tin of plasters in the pocket of the pushchair and has another in Little 3's change bag too which we always have with us. But what would I do if there was a fall that involved more than a grazed knee?

We had been thinking about buying a first aid kit to put in the car for when we are exploring out and about (not just on our bikes) but before I could get one I was approached by SJ Works who happen to sell first aid kits and have a range specifically for cycling which can be attached to your bike and are available on Amazon

SJ Works were kind enough to send us two of their bike first aid kits to take a look at. The classic bicycle first aid kit (pictured above) is now firmly attached to Daddy's bike and is full of everything you might need in an emergency. The kit contains:
A first aid guide
10 antiseptic wipes
20 easy access plasters in a range of sizes
5 butterfly wound closures
2 sterile non adherent dressing pads 3"
2 twin packs of sterile wound sponges
2 sterile gauze pads
2 pressure bandages
1 elastic bandage
1 sterile eye pad
A triangular bandage
3 safety pins
A pair of gloves
A roll of first aid tape
Safety scissors
A reflective strip
and it is all contained in a security sealed bag which attaches to the cross bars of your bike.

SJ Works also sent us another kit, the smart phone solution kit (pictured above), which has a separate waterproof compartment on the top to house your smartphone so that you can carry your phone when out cycling and get quick and easy access to it if you need. This kit contains everything listed above as well as an emergency blanket and a headphone extension cord for your phone too so that you can listen to your music with your phone mounted on the bar. 

You have to agree that both these first aid kits seem to be very comprehensive and have everything you might need for an accident out and about until the paramedics arrived. I just hope that we don't ever have to use them! 

N.B We were gifted both these first aid kits in return for their inclusion in this post. 


  1. Great idea having a kit attached to the bike. I remember falling off my bike when I was learning to ride all those years ago. I wasn't a huge fan of my bike because of that but now I cycle everywhere :)

  2. Literally every time my son wants to go out in his bike I hold my breathe. He's so accident prone! Think I need to invest in a first aid kit for cycling. This one sounds brilliant, they've thought of everything 😊

  3. Aww bless I hope there wasn't too many misshaps but having a first aid kit handy is a great idea. I am a adult and too nervous to get on a bike incase I fall off and grave my knee lol

  4. Well done to your daughter! That's such a fab idea to have the first aid kit on the bike, I've never seen those before and am so getting one!

  5. Ah well done to her! I remember learning to ride my bike, and it's such a great feeling when you get it! Having a first aid kit on hand is definitely a good idea.

  6. Beth @ BethinaBox.com19 April 2018 at 23:51

    Ahh well done Little 2! Learning to ride a bike is such a big thing in a child's life. My 12 year old has never got it though... and now he's totally not interested.

    The first aid kids look fab! You really can never guarantee when you'll need a plaster on a bike ride! :)

  7. Your first aid kit is impressive. I'm about to start teaching my five year old x

  8. These little kits sound great. I remember the first time I ever had my stabilisers off and soon we'll be doing this with my daughter. Well done Little 2! :D

  9. Jacinta Zechariah19 April 2018 at 23:52

    The first aid kit looks like a must have. Great that she was riding her bicycle in no time.

  10. Ooh what a great little set! I love it when they manage top take off. She looks like she doesn't want to stop x

  11. Our middle one is still working on learning to ride - it's such a big step isn't it


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