30 September 2017

What do you do with your children's artwork? Stationary Bundle Giveaway

It is 3.25pm and we have just got in the door from school, while the children raid the kitchen for a snack and tell me about their day I sort out their book bags, I find letters, reading books and diaries, homework and pieces of art.

28 September 2017

The one with all the fossil hunting in Charmouth

An email landed in my inbox this morning reminding me that we go away in just 3 weeks for half term and I suddenly remembered I hadn't yet written about our lovely summer holiday we had this year.

We had a fantastic family holiday down on the Dorset coast where we stayed in a caravan just a few hundred yards from the beach. The Little Ones had plenty of fun on the beaches, playing with new friends in the next caravan, eating fish and chips and we had a couple of days out too. A simple fun family holiday but as Little 1 said 'The best holiday in ages, Thanks Mum'.

24 September 2017

The bottom of the laundry basket- #EcoverLaundry Challenge

'Oh my gosh, it can't be, is it really? Yes, I believe it is, I can actually see the bottom of my laundry basket...... wait, scrap that..... it is full again'. 

12 September 2017

Little 2 takes her stabilisers off, plasters at the ready!

Learning to ride a bike is one of those childhood milestones, you have your first bike, whether it is a balance bike or one with stabilisers and the day you sit on a bike and can pedal off down the road unaided is met with a big grin and a parent stood with a camera, well in our house anyway.

7 September 2017

Little 3 goes to nursery

This week has been a special one for Little 3, at almost two and a half years old he has gone to nursery for the first time. 

4 September 2017

Little 1 makes the jump to Junior school

There are a few changes going back to school this year, not only am I going back to college and Little 3 starting nursery but Little 1 is making the jump from Infant school to Junior school. At almost 8 years old she is entering year 3 and embarking on the next phase of her school journey.

3 September 2017

Mummy goes back to college with ChewBICca Star wars Stationary from BIC

A long time ago in a galaxy... not actually very far from here, oh, all right this very living room to be precise I completed a degree with the Open University. Now 9 years on...