30 August 2017

Aquadragons mission alpha in space set - review

Have your pets ever been to space? I didn't think so. We currently have a set of space travellers in our house. Yes, that's right, the most recent additions to our family have been to the edge of space, survived and are now living in a mini tank in the kitchen. 

We have been sent an 'AquaDragons in space' deluxe set suitable for ages 6+) and our Aqua Dragon eggs actually went to space, we received a Genuine collector's edition certificate of authenticity and everything. Check out this video of the actual 'Aqua dragons-mission alpha in space' flight footage, cool huh?

As well as instructions and the certificate of flight inside our kit, we received:
-a meteor shaped tank with glow in the dark base that illuminates blue at the press of a button
-A magnifying lid
-Aqua Dragon eggs that actually went to space!
-Aqua Dragon food
-a glow in the dark feeding spoon
-a thermometer to check the tank wasn't in a place that was too hot or cold
-a large pipette to aerate the water
-Set up and care instructions
-Genuine collector's edition certificate of space travel authentication
-Aqua Dragon app with access to the space flight videos, games and fun facts.

On opening the set and reading the instructions ready for the little Ones to set it up I noticed that you had to use bottled water or mineral water in the tank. Normally we wouldn't have had this in the house as we drink plain old tap water but luckily having returned from holiday the night before we did have one bottle in the fridge. With bottled water in hand the Little Ones didn't have to wait for me to go and buy some luckily so it is worth noting that you need to have some in.

Set up is simple, the tank is ready (you need 2 batteries for the lights) so just add the water to the fill line, stir in the eggs and 2 spoons of food and wait...

Little 1 got out her portable microscope out to see if she could see anything but obviously the eggs hadn't hatched yet, however just 24 hours later when we held the tank up to the light we could see miniscule specks flitting around and 48 hours later they were around a mm long.

We have been feeding our Aqua Dragons a little less than it stated on the pack, every third day, as we could see there was still food in the tank and didn't want to pollute the water, they are growing quite fast and eventually after a month or so they should be around a centimetre long and look something like this. The Aquadragon life cycle takes around 45-60 days and they can get up to 2cm in length.

Image courtesy of Aquadragons.net
The girls think having a pet that has been to Space is cool, they do look a little alien like after all, I reckon that any space loving child would love the authentication certificate that they can show to their friends too. This deluxe set is available here.

N.B We received this set in return for an honest review, all views are our own.

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  1. This is a very interesting way to teaching children about the miracles of nature and how tiny creatures hatch and grow. I like that the company made it even more fun by sending the little eggs to space!


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