30 August 2017

Aquadragons mission alpha in space set - review

Have your pets ever been to space? I didn't think so. We currently have a set of space travellers in our house. Yes, that's right, the most recent additions to our family have been to the edge of space, survived and are now living in a mini tank in the kitchen. 

22 August 2017

The girls have fun with Zhu Zhu hamsters

There have been some funny chirruping noises coming from the girls bedroom's the past few days, a few squeaks and lots of giggling and laughter from the girls too. You see they have been testing out a new toy that we have been sent to review.

Do you remember Go Go pets? A hand sized toy pet that would run around your room. Well they are back, they have been updated and have a new name, Zhu Zhu Pets. There is also a new website and there has even been a TV show too.

4 August 2017

Lets go fly a kite

Hasn't the weather been dismal this week? I mean it is so grey out, no clear skies and fluffy clouds, just a layer of thick grey stuff and a whole lot of drizzle, showers and heavy downpours thrown in too. I have been thinking about a lovely afternoon we had on the common on weekend a few weeks ago when it was scorching hot and the sun was out.

1 August 2017

What the Little Ones wear- Joules dress

You all know the girls love dresses, given the choice they would not own a pair of shorts or trousers but sometimes they are more practical for my outdoorsy girls, however, more often than not they will be in a dress.

The current favourite for Little 2 is this one from Joules, perfect for this mixed up summer weather. A lovely lightweight cotton dress with a double layer skirt, pink and white stripes on the top with gold shiny spots and a blue skirt.