26 July 2017

School's out for summer

Today the Little Ones finally broke up from school, I think we may well have been one of the last. It has been a long term and all three children have been particularly grumpy and tired in need of the summer break.

I can't quite believe how fast this year has gone, it really did seem to fly by. Being the end of the school year means that Little 3 has finished infant school and will be heading off to Junior school in September, had she really been there 4 years (including preschool)?

When I think back to the posts I wrote on her starting school and how she was settling in I can not believe how young she looked and how much she has changed and grown up over that time. Just look at the difference, this picture was taken yesterday before we left for school and the one below was her first day in reception in September 2014!! What a change.

Last day of year 2

First day in Reception

And Little 2, she has reached the end of her first year at school, she has really changed and grown up in a year too, although not so much in her looks but her personality has changed a lot. My once really quiet, cooperative little thing has developed a mind of her own and a lot more confidence, she certainly is not the quiet one of the three anymore. She is bigger, braver, bolder and definitely louder!

Last day of Reception

First day of Reception

As we sat down to breakfast I asked the girls what they wanted to do over the holidays and thankfully the requests were simple.

Build a den (check- we built a huge one in the living room today), jump about and play in leaves (might be a bit early for that one!), make biscuits and go to the park- Little 2

Play with friends, have a sleepover, go to the beach, make chocolate cake and stay up late- Little 1

I think we should be able to manage all of those and I have a few things planned too, the Little ones are booked into some messy play sessions and summer swimming school for the girls, play dates are on the cards and we also have a holiday by the seaside to look forward to as well.

I am sure the holidays will be over in a flash and it will be September before we know it, there are changes afoot then, but that is another blog post!!


  1. Helen Jacob-Lloyd6 August 2017 at 10:23

    Aww it's lovely seeing the start compared to the end of the year photos - they change so much. Happy summer holidays!

  2. Aww, beautiful girls! It's amazing how much they change! September will be here before we know it!

  3. Thank you. I know, I can’t believe they have been of two weeks already!

  4. We'll have to start looking for schools for our son (3 and a half) this autumn I guess. It freaks me out as he's still a baby! In my home country (Romania) we start school at like 6 or 7. Granted we have "kindergarden" like the Americans, before. But I still think it's a bit young here. I don't know, we shall see.

  5. It does seem really young but the first year is like kindergarden really, my two older ones seemed rally young but thrived at school and loved it.

  6. I'm hoping September stays as far away as possible... It's the start of my dissertation! Oh for simpler days. Xx

  7. We are loving the summer. Hope you are too - lots of fun days and chill out time here x

  8. We have had a great fun family holiday and I have hardly blogged, back home and time to get back to it!


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