3 July 2017

Out and about- Growing in confidence

Getting out of the house at the weekend is a must when you have three children, some days they might just spend most of the day out in the garden or spend an hour at the local park but we try to take them out and about at least once each weekend. There are lots of places to go near us in Gloucestershire for a walk and to explore and plenty of places to go and burn some energy close to home too. 

We are National Trust members and members of our local Wetlands Trust too which, along with all the canals, walks and the Forest of Dean nearby, offer us plenty of variety in the places that we visit. We often visit the same places but do different things each time that we go so we don't get bored.

I have noticed recently that the Little Ones are growing in confidence especially in the places we visit often. On a recent visit to the Wetlands centre one afternoon we didn't take in much of the wildlife, we just headed to the back of the centre to the newly refurbished play area with the view of letting them tire themselves out and then luring them back to the car with an ice-cream. 

Little 3 no longer needs a pushchair much of the time, in fact the only time I use one is when I have all three on my own (as it is just a bit safer with a toddler who likes to run), if I am going to the supermarket or on the school run when we don't have time to stop for sticks and to play with snails!

On this particular trip I noticed how far Little 3 can walk now. When he is with me he will walk quite a long way and happily hold my hand or the pushchair (if we have it) then when he slows I will offer him to go in the pushchair or carry him a short distance and he is quite happy with that before getting down to walk again. Today he walked all the way to the park and most of the way back to the car without asking to be picked up, he was running along trying to keep up with the girls too.

There has been a big jump in the girls confidence in their abilities too. There are stepping stones on flamingo lake where the Little ones like to jump across, they used to stop and ask for help on the bigger steps but this time they were happy to judge the distance and just go for it, jumping across from stone to stone. 

Even on the larger steps Little 2 was happy to give it a gamble and go for it rather than waiting for us to get to her and hold her hand.

When we had got to the park and had a play Little 3 asked to go on the swings, usually he just likes a handful of swings and not high at all before suddenly looking petrified and asking to get down. But this time he spent quite a while on there swinging gently and even smiling, he even seemed to be enjoying daring to go a little higher this time.

And the girls, well they just loved running across (and jumping up and down on) the wooden rickety bridge and jumping off the side in the case of Little 2, climbing up the high slide and whizzing down off the end onto their bottoms into the bark and all manner of fearless things.

Little 3 didn't mind scaling the heights of the wooden bridge onto the play equipment either and it really was quite high, he was higher up than I could reach!

Since the sun came out and we started getting out and about more again, I have really noticed all the Little Ones growing in confidence and testing out their physical capabilities, they are all changing and growing up so fast at the moment, blink and you miss it! 

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