24 June 2017

Paw Patrol Rescue Track Sets- Zuma and Skye's Lighthouse and Marshall's Pet Rescue

Little 3 has now reached the grand old age of 27 months and has begun to show a lot more interest in watching the television with the girls and with a greatly improved attention span he will sit and watch for quite a while if you let him. A current favourite programme of his is Paw Patrol and he just loves the character Marshall the most. 

When Spin Master recently got in touch and asked if we would like to road test their Paw Patrol Rescue Track set it was an instant 'Yes' as I knew they would be a hit with Little 3.

But it wasn't just Little 3 who was thrilled with these new toys, the girls really wanted to play with them to. In fact Little 3 didn't get much of a look in once they got home from school!

We were sent the Paw Patrol Skye and Zuma's Lighthouse Rescue track set which is brilliant, it comes with a hill section with a clip in lighthouse and 'lift up launch piece' for Zuma's hovercraft, 12 pieces of track including a wooden bridge, a rescue Wally track piece, Skye and Zuma in a hovercraft.

Wally the Walrus is trapped in a net and the Paw Patrol gang are on hand to save him. The Skye figure attaches to a plastic arm which 'flies' around the lighthouse (that has a little light too) at the press of a button to search for Wally. Lift up the launch piece to send Zuma on his way to rescue him, you can even change his direction using a moving line of trees.

Zuma's car flicks a switch freeing Wally from the net. This set is great, it is perfect for Little 3 with the simple operations and ease of use but it feels robust and of good quality, my three have tested it well! I like the different sections of the track with road, water and sand edged pieces and with a great range of track piece shapes there are a variety of ways you could set out the track.

Quick, Cali the cat is trapped on the pet shop roof, never fear Marshall is on hand to rescue her. Marshall's Pet Rescue set comes with a pet shop piece with a twisty switch allowing Cali to drop into Marshalls waiting vehicle below.

Along with 7 track pieces and a couple of red tail pieces in the set you can create a cute figure of eight track for Marshall to race around or extend the play and connect it to other sets. Additional Paw Patrol vehicles are available to buy and can be used with all the rescue track sets too.

What I love the most is the simplicity of this track, it is so easy to put together that Little 3 just gets it out and starts building his track without the need of any help from me. It doesn't matter what bit goes where and there are the red bits that taper off down to the floor so play doesn't have to stop at the end of the road so to speak.

The track is extremely versatile too, as a wide flat track, all of our other toy vehicles fit onto it with ease and can also be moved freely on the wide flat track, this has opened up a whole load of 'rescue' situations for the Paw Patrol crew from animals in the road to multiple car pile ups!! Never fear though, Paw Patrol are on the case!
Two tracks combined

N.B We received both track sets mentioned here in return for writing an honest review. 

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