5 June 2017

Da da da da....superundies!!

Little 3 has now been in pants around 6 weeks and he has done really well, however, he has a tendency not to tell us he needs a wee if he is busy doing something. This means he is still having the odd accident now and then, particularly at the end of the day when I am busy in the kitchen cooking tea and miss the signs that he needs to go. 

I was getting a bit fed up with a toddler wandering into the kitchen soaked to his socks and did a twitter shout out for some recommended cloth training pants to help contain the mess.

Superundies came to my rescue and offered to send us a pair of theirs to try out. Have you ever seen a more funky pair of training pants? Nope, didn't think so! Superundies is a US based cloth trainer pant company selling daytime and nighttime training pants in the most awesome designs and bigger sizes too. But guess what they are right now looking for stockists in the UK so will be available here soon. 

We were sent their 'pull on training pant 2.0' and I have to say they really are super. They look totally fab with the amazing designs (we were sent dynamite) and do not look much different to a normal pair of pants either.  The elastic is soft and comfortable, nothing anywhere irritated Little 3 at all and once on the just look like a slightly thicker pair of pants. Inside they have an absorbent core and the printed material is a waterproof  PUL outer so no plastic or rustling either.

Cloth training pants are just that, training pants and will hold a medium sized toddler wee but they are not designed to be totally leak proof. We were suitably impressed however as even with his supersized toddler wee's, the Superundies lived up to their name and Little 3 only managed to get damp trousers a few times and no wet socks!

This pair of training pants are my favourite of the three brands we have right now, both for the print and the slim fit. They wash well and dry really quickly which is good for me as they are the first ones that I reach for.

Superundies are currently only available from their US site but they hope to have a UK stockist soon. For now if you wish to make an order I can offer you a code 'nomoretrash' for $5 off shipping to the UK (generally around $10-20 depending on the weight). I will keep you posted on a UK stockist as and when too.

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  1. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)7 June 2017 at 13:47

    The design looks fun and such a good idea. Glad they're working!


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