19 June 2017

Close Parent day and night cloth training pants

I mentioned in my last cloth training pant review that we have been trying out several different brands of washable cloth training pants over the last few weeks, this post is all about Close Parent training pants.

Close Parent pop in nappies were our go to cloth nappy when Little 3 was younger and we loved them. It only seemed right to stick with the brand we trusted and loved to try their training pants too. Not only do they sell day time ones for leak prone toddlers, they also sell the most useful potty training product I have come across- leak proof night time training pants, you can read how we got on with those below.

Close Parent kindly sent us a day time training pant (RRP£9.50) and a night time training pant (RRP £11.99) to test out and a set of, additional Bamboo boosters (RRP £8.50) and a waterproof cot protector (RRP £17.99) to try out and here is what we thought.

Daytime Training Pants
Close Parent have recently revamped their training pants and introduced them in their Woodland Collection designs, Squirrel and Hedgehog. We received the blue/green squirrel design and both little 3 and I love them. The training pants have a soft jersey outer shell and a waterproof layer with a sewn in absorbent panel, they are designed to hold a medium sized toddler wee.

Soft inside panels with a stuffable pocket in the nighttime ones.
These training pants look very much like normal pants and have a lovely slim fit so you wouldn't know Little 3 was wearing training pants, they are super soft and comfy and contain any accidents very well. The only downside was that the jersey outer went bobbly on the first wash but they still look good and are on under clothes anyway.

These training pants are available in sizes S, M, L, XL after checking out the recommended age and weight guidelines we got an XL which is designed for a child over 2.5, Little 3 is tall and slim and these fitted him well despite him being just 2 when we got them. If you have a toddler with chubby thighs my advice is definitely size up. 

These training pants hold accidents well and don't tend to leak, they are easy to wash and dry pretty quickly too, thumbs up from Little 3 and me.

Night time Training Pants
We had reached a stage where we were putting a nappy on Little 3 for bed only but he was often wanting a wee after his story meaning we had to take it off and put it back on again which he hates, he doesn't want to lie down for a nappy now that he is a 'big boy'. 

The idea of a pull up night time training pant was perfect and we were really keen to test this one out. Little 3 has been dry at night around 5 nights a week since starting training but not yet waking up for a night time toilet trip and so these would be so much easier for the 'last wee' and any night time toilet trips. 

I loved the look of these, they were more nappy like than the daytime ones as they seemed more robust, they had a waterproof PUL layer and an absorbent panel, the colours are bright and attractive too.

The nighttime pants have a deep elastic waistband and leg cuff designed to be the ultimate protection against leaks whilst still being able to be pulled up and down easily. The great thing about these is that they have a pocket in the back so that you can add extra absorbency if needed, when Little 3 does wet he needs quite a bit of absorbency to prevent these leaking so I add in a couple of Close Parent bamboo boosters or a hemp booster and that seems to do the trick.

It took us quite a while to test these as Little 3 didn't wet that often but they are really great for this stage, I wouldn't use then if your child was wetting every night or has a soaking wet nappy in the morning but with extra boosting they will hold a sneaky early morning wee just fine and are so much easier to put on than a nappy!

These night time pants are available in sizes M,L, XL and 2XL, my advice would be to size up one or two sizes here, as I said Little 3 does not have chunky thighs and was right at the bottom of the weight limit for the XL pants (recommended age 2.5-3.5 years, Little 3 was 25 months) so I ordered these thinking they would have growing room. They fit perfectly around the bottom area and his waist but the leg cuffs were really quite tight so we swapped them for the largest size (aimed at 3.5yrs +) and these were a much nicer fit on the legs and still fit fine around the tummy, it was easier to stuff the pocket too as I could fit my hand in this one.

We are planning to get some more of these as they are great and certainly make bedtime less stressful. They wash really well and the colours are as vibrant as ever, they dry quickly too.

Pop-in Mattress Protector
Close Parent kindly sent us their mattress protector too. It attaches to the bed via 2 straps which go around under the mattress and will fit a cot, cot bed or single bed (and is the perfect fit for our travel cot too). The protector itself poppers onto on the straps so you don't need to remove the whole thing for washing and can then replace with another protector (sold separately). 

We have been using ours on the travel cot at Nanny's house as it is the perfect fit and as Little 3 no longer wears a nappy at naptimes it gives us the reassurance that it can just be washed if the necessity arises. This cot protector is soft and rustle free and thanks to the clever binding underneath doesn't have that hated sweaty plastic feel that other cot protectors do. It dries super quickly too.

N.B Close Parent kindly sent us the products included in this post for the purpose of review, all opinions are our honest thoughts.


  1. OOO this sound brilliant, we are in the mist of night time toilet training, so have to buy some of these X #triedtested

  2. Toby Goes Bananas23 June 2017 at 23:32

    These look fab, although I've heard before that they do come up small. Toby went from wearing a Bamboozle at night to completely dry but the night time pants would have been great for that period when you're not quite sure if they're going to make it through the night. #TriedTested


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