19 May 2017

What the Little Ones wear- Here kitty kitty

There is one dress in Little 2's wardrobe that got worn again and again and again all through the winter and on into the spring, now sadly after shooting up recently it has gotten too small for her. It is this one, a mock pinafore kitty dress, admittedly again from Lilly and Sid, but I did say that a lot of the Little Ones current wardrobes come from them right now!

Such a lovely fun dress that Little 2 adored, the dress is surprisingly an all in one with a jersey pink striped top part sewn with a soft cord dress and cat applique that makes it look like a pinafore.

It looked great on and teemed in typical Little 2 style with a pair of green and grey striped tights and purple boots she looked father fun and funky, we definitely got comments about this dress. I only wish I had bought it in a bigger size too.

I don't know what it is about Little 2 but she loves tights and not just the pink and purple ones in her drawer, she is often pulling green or odd blue flower ones and saying I want to wear these with a particular dress or skirt. I tend to think to myself  'Oh, that doesn't really go but ok if you want' and then she puts it on and it actually works. She has an eye for fashion this one.

It is the little things I liked about this dress, the row of pink buttons up the back, the pink edging on the pockets that had tiny cat faces snuck into the fabric and the crown on the cat.

The dress is now far too small and I had to sneak it out of her cupboard to pass on, she hasn't noticed yet as she is wearing more summery ones now but I am sure I will soon hear the words, 'Mummy, where is my kitty dress!'

N.B We bought this dress and were not asked to write about it.

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