23 April 2017

What the Little Ones wear- Gorgeous girlie dresses from Lilly & Sid

If you ask the girls what they want to wear the answer every day, almost certainly, will be a dress. A dress and tights for Little 2 (she loves choosing tights to match her dress) and just a dress for Little 1 who can sometimes be persuaded to wear a pair of cropped leggings underneath if it is colder (she doesn't really like tights).

In the girls wardrobes right now we have half a dozen different dresses from London boutique, Lilly and Sid and I have to say, now that the weather is warming up, they are the current favourites, so comfy yet cool and stylish yet practical all at the same time.

We have been buying from Lilly and Sid for the past 2 years after being introduced to their stunning clothing by a friend and I have to admit that this year's spring collection is my favourite so far. Mermaids and sea creatures feature heavily this year and I had to buy both girls this stripy mermaid dress as soon as I saw it, I knew that they would love it especially mermaid mad Little 2.

With a quality jersey stripy top and cotton printed skirt, the girls find these clothes so comfortable to wear. They are equally perfect for casual days and running around playing on the beach as well for wearing to parties, they look great whatever.

It is the lovely bright colours and the quirky details that I love and that make these clothes stand out, the addition of contrasting prints and ruffles like the striped ones on the mermaid skirt and the little piped frill on the edge of the sleeve on this dress in particular.

It isn't just the way that these clothes look that make them a hit with the Little Ones and I, they are so comfortable to wear and easy to care for too, washed, dried and back on with almost no need for ironing. This gets a thumbs up from the girls as they have their favourite clothes back in their wardrobes quickly ready to wear again and from me too as they still look great after what these girls put them through.

We have quite a lot of Lilly and Sid in all the Little Ones wardrobes right now, including their boys range for Little 3, we have two other different dresses from past seasons in this style too and I think you will agree they are equally as fab, I wonder what design next season will hold?

Check back soon to see more of my 'What the Little Ones wear' kids clothing series......

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  1. We adore both of these dresses and have them ourselves. Love seeing your little ones in Lilly and Sid. They look gorgeous xx


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