6 April 2017

Spring has sprung.. running free

Now that the weather has turned and Spring is well and truly upon us we have been taking the opportunity to get out and about in the sunshine as a family a whole lot more in the last few weeks. The Little Ones have had great fun running around, exploring and just enjoying being outdoors free of coats and thick jumpers. Little 3 in particular has been having great fun now that he can keep up with the girls and is really happy and chatty when we have been outdoors with him running free.

Living in the Cotswolds means there are a great many picturesque places just a short distance away that we can explore and take the Little Ones to to run off some steam. Local woodlands and rolling hills are usually our choice of destination but we also often go to the nearby wetland centre and National Trust properties too. 

On this particular sunny Sunday afternoon, while the roast was in the oven, we chose to head to the Beacon nearby. The sun was shining and with no need for coats the Little Ones grabbed the football and went running off happily chasing each other and stopping to admire the views.

Everyone was in good spirits and for once all the Little Ones were willing to have their photo taken together while they sat on the top of the topograph, we managed to get several lovely ones of them all sat together looking and smiling which at times can be no easy task when there is a toddler involved. Daddy and I even hopped in for a picture too.

We ambled down the hillside while the girls kicked the ball to one another and listened as Little 3 giggled away to himself running in and out of the tall overgrown grass. It wasn't long before we came upon 'the tree', the one they like to climb and up they went.

Now that Little 3 is older and he will walk, or in his case run, everywhere we do not need to take a pushchair or the baby carrier backpack on walks like this anymore. It is nice to be free and to be able to chase the girls with the football or hold Little 3's hand as he tries to balance on a tree trunk.

The girls are always happy when they are out and about especially Little 2, she simply loves the outdoors, she loves to be free and runs everywhere with a huge smile on her face. Don't be fooled by the love of pretty dresses, there is always a worm or minibeast in her hand and she is often plastered in mud. I am certain that she will be the outdoorsy one of the three of them and I think that one day she might work with plants or animals.

While our run on the hills only lasted an hour because we had to get back to tea everyone felt refreshed, content and happy afterwards having had some sunshine and fresh air, and the children not surprisingly all fell asleep quickly that night. 

Do you like to get outdoors? Where do you go?

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  1. Running in the hills sounds idyllic and a good nights sleep even better. Lovely photos xx


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