14 April 2017

Playing on the beach at Bognor Regis

Last weekend we spent time enjoying ourselves for Daddy's 40th birthday, we went to Butlins all the way down in Bognor Regis and the weather was amazing. Even though it was just the beginning of April the sun was out, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was warm, warm enough for summer dresses and t-shirts.

Although the children were having so much fun on the soft play and rides, when they were not in the swimming pool or hankering for another game of crazy golf, we couldn't go all the way to Bognor without a trip to the beach.

As usual as soon as we set foot on the beach the Little Ones were off, exploring, looking for shells and as this was a pebble beach, throwing stones (carefully of course). Little 2 was jumping around trying to make avalanches of rocks down the steep shelves to the sea and hoping she would find some special pebbles or pretty shells to add to her growing collection beside the pond in our back garden.

There was lots climbing on rocks (Little 2 insisted on helping all the sea snails that she came across back into the rockpools despite me telling her that they would be okay and the tide would come in). 

Little 1 had fun balancing and running, as well as a bit of posing, and jumping off the tide breakers and was soon joined by her sister in her games while Little 3 had a go at balancing too. He just wanted to have his photo taken and kept smiling saying cheese!

Little 3 spent a lot of time throwing stones and dipping his hands into rockpools, it was lovely to watch him exploring and discovering, he did try to go for a little paddle too but as he had his shoes on I had to stop him quickly!

The girls spent a lot of time huddled together drawing pictures in the wet sand and talking about shells and stones and the patterns that they had found, it was great to see them whispering and giggling together making secrets as they have been bickering and fighting at lot at home lately.

Whether it is a pebble or a sandy beach the Little Ones always enjoy spending time beside the sea. This time the girls were dressed for the occasion with lovely mermaid stripe dresses from London designers Lilly and Sid that I expect you will be seeing a lot of in our photographs this summer. Pop back soon to read about them in our new fashion series.

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  1. Aaaah looks like you all had a lovely time and the girls look very sweet in their matching dresses xx


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