28 April 2017

I can do it myself (review)

Now that he is two years old Little 3 has suddenly had another developmental surge and begun to develop a taste for independence. 'Me do it' is a very common phrase these days as he wants to have a go at doing things himself.

He has started to try and dress himself by pulling things over his head and has recently become very good at putting on his own pants and trousers after showing no interest at all in doing it a few weeks ago. He tries really hard to put on his socks and shoes but can not do it at all yet, he will try for quite some time before giving up and asking for help if there is time for me to let him have a go himself.

The last couple of days he has been trying to put on his coat too, it is quite funny watching him spin in circles trying to find his sleeves but he really does persevere before asking for help, he never gets cross or frustrated like any other two year old might. 

We have recently become ambassadors for Magic Fairy Wings, an online store selling children's toys, crafts, dressing up and fashion accessories, and as part of our ambassadorship we will be reviewing something from the store each month for the next few months.

So this month when we were sent a poncho and a set of coat hooks for Little 3 to review I thought they would be handy to help him with his current independent streak. 

Little 3 was sent the Bugzz pirate rain poncho (£6.95) which is made of pvc and aimed at ages 3-6, with an easy over the head opening he was thrilled to be able to put it on himself. Little 3 is well covered as it is a little big for him but it doesn't look out of place, the hood fits well and it would certainly keep him dry in the rain.

The poncho has a couple of poppers that you can snap together and make a sort of sleeve as well as snaps on the neck to keep the rain out. It comes in a neat little storage pouch which is perfect for keeping under the pushchair in case of a spring rain shower on the school run.

With a pirate on the front and treasure chests, swords and pirate hats adorning the sides the poncho is cute yet full of character and a pirate boat on the reverse completes the look.

We were also sent a Bigjigs Pirate blackboard coat hook (£7.99, height 18cm width 27.5cm). The wooden piece is hand painted and has sturdy hooks perfect for holding Little 3's coats and bag. We decided to hang it at just the right level for him in the utility room so that he could reach his own things and he loves it, he is able to fetch his own coat when I ask the Little Ones to get ready to go out and hang it up too, perfect for allowing him a little more independence.

Once I have bought some chalk I will be able to write a few notes on the board, perhaps to remind the girls to take their pe kit or remember a sun hat? or just a 'Good Morning' message before they head off to school.

Why don't you go and see what other lovely things that Magic Fairy Wings has to offer, you can also check them out on Facebook.com/magicfairywings or on twitter as @magicfairywings.


  1. I really like the chalk board and pegs. Think I'm going to order a couple for my two. Poncho is great too :)

  2. Aaaah so cute! Love the little chalk board peg too. Fab idea x


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