4 April 2017

Fuzzikins cosy cats craft kit review

My girls both love creating and crafting, they like making and decorating, gluing and sticking and making all sorts of different things. Sometimes they get out all the crafty bits and do their own thing but they are also great fans of crafting kits. We were recently asked to test out a new kit from Fuzzikins called Fuzzikins Cosy cats.

It is bedtime for the kitties and you need to make up their beds for them. The kit comes with three cats, small, medium and large all around 2-3 inches in height, a set of fur coloured felt tip pens (orange, grey and brown) and a bed kit for each cat. The cats have a soft fuzzy outer and the idea is that you use the pens to colour your cat, to give them stripes or spots or whatever you fancy to make your kitty your own.

Both girls loved the idea of designing and colouring in their cats and wanted to get started as soon as the parcel had been opened. Inside the box there are also some cardboard templates that can be cut out, the girls used these to design their cats before colouring on the real ones. Little 1 took quite a long time thinking about what she wanted her cat to look like and decorated it with little squares and then stripes in between the ears.

Once the cats were coloured the girls set about making the beds, I really love this craft kit for its simplicity, you really do not need anything else as it is all included in the box. Simply select the correct size bed for your cat and fold over the felt, following the included instructions, and push the tabs through with the lolly stick provided then stick on some of the stickers and your bed is complete. Simple.

Not only does your cat get its own cute little sleeping bag but each cat comes with a little eye mask too which is easy to put on and take off. The littlest cat also gets a superhero mask and cape in its kit too which was a cute surprise for the Little Ones.

Our Fuzzikins cosy cats kit was put together by the girls, with a teeny bit of help from me pushing the tabs through on the beds, in about 15 minutes. They enjoyed making the kit and couldn't wait to play with their kitties. I liked the fact that there is no glue involved so there was no mess to clear up and the cats were ready to play with the moment they had been decorated so no having to wait around for things to dry involved for the girls.

With the kit made the girls disappeared into a little space between the washing and the coffee table and there on their tummies they played sleepovers and schools with their cats for over an hour. The cats have come out to play several afternoons since and Little 2's cat now sleeps beside her on her bedside table in his little sleeping bag each night and 'gets up' to play each morning!

Retailing at around £12.99 I thought this kit was great for little ones like mine, quick and easy to set up, no mess and very little adult help required meant the girls just got on with it. It would be great for taking on holiday for a rainy afternoon or keeping the children occupied at Granny's house for an hour or so. There are several different kits you can get, as well as the cats, there is a dog one and a rabbit one that comes with its own fold out cardboard cottage for you to play with too. 

N.B We received this kit for the purpose of this review however all views and opinions in this post are our own honest thoughts.

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  1. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)15 April 2017 at 18:05

    Ah, this is a sweet kit. I can see my daughter enjoying this, too.


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