2 April 2017

Beauty and the Beast: write, inspire, create with Parragon book buddies

As you know we are Parragon book buddies and are lucky enough to be sent books for the Little Ones to review by the lovely people at Parragon. This month we were asked to read a gorgeous book right up Little 1's street, Beauty and the Beast-Write, inspire, create.

Now I have said before that Little 1 loves to write, she really does, most of the time she can be found sat at the dining room table or in her room at her desk writing, drawing or colouring. She always has several projects on the go, little stories in makeshift books she has made, annotated pictures and lists of characters or she has drawn detailed pictures of settings for her next idea. So when our latest book arrived I knew she would love it.

Beauty and the Beast- write, inspire, create (rrp£5.99) is a lovely book for those aged 7-10 designed to let your imagination run wild and provide the inspiration and ideas for you to write your own version of this enchanted tale. Based on ideas from Beauty and the Beast itself this book encourages young writers to do things such as create a new beginning for the story, write a new song, write Belle's diary and even change the setting.

Beautifully designed pages, all 160 of them, are filled with prompts and ideas designed to encourage you to write, as you go through the book, your own version of the story begins to come together. Little 1 loved this book from the moment I gave it to her, she has dipped in here and there filling parts of it in and really letting her imagination run wild.

There are little touches, such as several push out die, that you can make to help you chose the next place or character for example to help you along your way. Stunning images from the film are used throughout the book and combined with the beautiful illustrations and page layout, they really do make the book seem special. Little 1 has only wanted to use her neatest handwriting within these pages and is taking her time to think up the next part of her 'enchanted adventure' as she calls it.

I think this book is fabulous for boys and girls alike, encouraging them to look at language and think about the components of a story, it is very educational in a fun and inviting way. Little 1 loved her book so much that she took it into 'show and tell' at school, her teacher even asked me after school where I had got the book from as it had some really great ideas to encourage the children's thinking and improve their story writing skills.

Beauty and the Beast; write inspire, create has become Little 1's favourite book lately and it sits on her desk, well thumbed and filled with ideas. I have been forbidden to look at it or move it as she wants me to read her story when it is finished and be amazed by what she has written. I have been good and not peeped but I really do want to know what wonderful words she has come up with and how her story will end but I am sure that Belle will get her prince in the end.

N.B We are part of the Parragon Book Buddies programme and were gifted this book in return for our review, all things stated here are our own honest thoughts on the product.

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  1. Ooohhh love this. My big girls are like yours...always making little books and writing stories. poppy won a prize recently for a story she made. Love her outfit too xx


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