4 March 2017

My First Thomas & Friends, Day to Night Projector review

Little 3 is a big Thomas and Friends fan and loves all things Thomas, we were recently sent the new Thomas and Friends Day to Night Projector for him to try out and it is fair to say he loves the little train and has got us all singing along to the songs.

The day to night projector is aimed at ages 18 months plus as a fun way to help your child understand getting up and going to bed. The night mode has soothing sounds and a song to signal bedtime while projecting Thomas' face, stars and signature Number 1 on the wall. Switch it to daytime and the projector plays a cheerful and lively daytime song and morning sound effects.

The projector is in the shape of Thomas' shed with the roof being the projector part. Thomas sits in the centre when he isn't being played with and activates a pressure switch there which triggers all the sounds. The switch on the top easily changes the sounds, tunes and phrases from daytime to nighttime mode and is easy for little fingers to manage.

The little Thomas train is cute with a smiley face and perfect for toddler hands, roll him out of the shed and he chugs ready to play with your little one for the day.

Little 3 likes his new Thomas projector and he has taken to having it downstairs to play with, he likes to put Thomas to bed (sometimes lying him down in the shed) and switching it to night mode where the projector plays a goodnight song and makes noises like a hooting owl and crickets for about two minutes.

He then likes to wake Thomas by switching to day mode and saying 'choo choo' along with Thomas as he rolls him out of the shed. The projectors songs are a good length and rather catchy (yes I am singing along to them already) especially a short jazzy little number which has Little 3 doing some sort of shoulder jiggle move every time he hears it!

My First Thomas and Friends Day to Night Projector is suitable from 18 months plus and available for around RRP £22.99. Here is a little video we made of the projector in action.

N.B We were sent this toy for the purpose of this review however all opinions are our own honest thoughts.


  1. What a fun idea, I've not seen one of these before #TriedTested

  2. My son would love this!! He is also 3 and also Thomas MAD!!! Kate x #triedtested

  3. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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