14 March 2017

A second birthday for Little 3

I can not believe how fast the time is going these days and how quickly the Little Ones are growing up. Today in our house we celebrated another birthday and this time is was that of Little 3, my boy turned 2 years old.

Little 3 has changed a lot in recent weeks, he has grown from a toddler into a little boy, his language has had yet another jump and he is using proper mini sentences now. He has gotten a lot taller all of a sudden and he just looks more like a little boy too.

Luckily his birthday fell on my one day off every two weeks so I was able to spend the whole day with him. Nanny happened to be off too, so with the girls at school we took him out for the day to the local wetlands centre where we wandered around spotting ducks and birds, watching otters and admiring carpets of daffodils. 

Later. after the girls were home from school, we had some yummy chocolate cake and a few birthday presents with the grandparents while Little 3 practiced doing laps of the living room on his new scooter.

At two years old Little 3 loves..
Thomas the tank engine
Playing with his sisters
Riding a scooter
Building towers
and puddle jumping.

 Happy 2nd Birthday Little 3 xx

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  1. Happy Birthday Little 3. Sounds like a lovely birthday for a 2 year old. He really is a happy, gorgeous little thing. looking forward to getting to spend some more time with you all soon xx


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