6 February 2017

Time for a change?

This Christmas just gone I realised that I have been 'A Stay at Home Mum' for 5 years having last worked just before Little 2 was born. A lot has changed in that time, both girls have grown, been to pre-school and started school and Little 3 came along and is now almost 2 years old himself.

I like being a SAHM, I get to take the girls to school and pick them up each day, I can go to all the assemblies and Christmas performances without needing to ask for time off. If anyone is poorly it doesn't matter as I am home for as long as they need to recover. I have been with Little 2 right from from birth until she started school and Little 3 from birth until now. I have been lucky enough to have seen everything they have done, all those first milestones, and while Daddy has had to work, I have got to spend time with our children and enjoy them, play with them and teach them, practically everything they have learnt has come from home and that makes me feel like I have done a pretty good job at being Mum.

Spending time with Little 3 is fun!

I don't find not going to work and staying at home with the children boring or monotonous. I like playing with my children and spending time with them, Little 3 helps me do the housework and keeps me company while the girls are at school, we sometimes go out places for lunch or into town and we go to Tumble Tots together as well as run errands and buy groceries.

I am very much working at home and not sitting down all day happens everyday, I generally only sit down while Little 3 has his 45 min nap and that is usually when I write my blog so even then I am still working. Daddy leaves at 7.30 for work and gets in sometime after half 5 generally, in between then I get three children up, fed, and to school, go shopping (on foot as Daddy has the car), do laundry and housework, entertain and play with Little 3, pick the girls up, attempt homework and cook tea which we are usually halfway through when Daddy walks in. Who ever said being a Stay at home mum was easy!

Time for homework.

The last few months with the children getting older and Little 2 settled at school I have been thinking a little about me, Sarah, and wondering where I have gone. I am a mum to three lovely Little Ones and I wouldn't have it any other way and I like staying at home but there has been a big shift since Little 2 started school and I have begun to think about going back to work, I am feeling a little lost.

I miss having Little 2 around.

It first became apparent a little before Christmas when the Little Ones had a whole term of illness, one after the other, the girls both needing to have quite a bit of time off school. I think there was only one week that term where both of them did a whole week. Having been a parent for over 7 years now I have dealt with the children having all manner of bugs, viruses and sickness in that time and although I do not like my children being ill I can deal with it just fine and do what needs to be done to help them recover. With so much illness in those weeks, and the calendar literally full of who had had what painkiller when and a chart with who needed which antibiotics at what time as well as the doctors appointments and the school runs as well I began to feel quite anxious like I couldn't cope but I was coping just fine.

It seemed to make me really anxious for a month or two, I was lying awake in bed at night waiting for the children to wake up ill again or needing their next doses of calpol, I would put them to bed at night and wonder how much sleep I was or wasn't going to get that night and I began to think, this isn't right what is happening.

I think all that to think about along with the run up to Christmas, the Christmas Plays the girls were practicing, and the parties and all the things we had planned over the festive period simply just gave me too much to think about and I found it all a bit too much. Once Christmas was over and we had got back to our routine with the girls at school I felt better but then I began to think whether staying at home much longer was really the right thing to do anymore.

I began to think about going back to work! I don't particularly want to go back to work yet, Little 3 is still not even 2 years old and will have to go into childcare which I am not keen on however I think I need a change of scene and to have a few hours break from being Mummy, it would only be part-time until he is older and I think it would do me good.

I have a whole load of qualifications and a degree under my belt from before, I worked in nurseries and as a nanny for years while I was studying too but that isn't what I want to do as a career. I have been thinking of training to become a Teaching Assistant for the past few years and after all this thinking I have got into gear and signed myself up on a training course to start in September, I just need to get myself employed in a school from then as part of the training.... So watch this space!


  1. Yeeeay! Nice one. I used to work as a support for students with additional needs, and I have to say I loved it. I really did. So much better than teaching and having to do tons of homework :P
    I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

  2. You will be amazing and i totally get needing a bit more. Being stuck in a life of never ending bugs and germs is no fun xx


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