23 February 2017

The one where Mummy gets a job!

Well in the last few weeks there has been a whole lot going on here at Loving Life with Little Ones as I have gone from being a full-time Stay-at Home-Mum to working part time and it all happened a bit quickly.

In my recent post, 'time for a change' I spoke about feeling a little bit lost having been just Mummy for the past 5 and a bit years. I decided that the time had come to think about returning to work and I signed myself up to do a Teaching Assistant course later this year as this was something I had been thinking of doing for quite a while. In order to do the course you have to be volunteering or working in a school so I began to think about looking for a job in a few months, in time for September. 

A week or so later I found out about a TA job going at a school nearby, I thought about it briefly and then dismissed the idea almost immediately, Little 3 wasn't even two yet and I didn't like the idea of having to send him into childcare when I actually didn't really need to go back to work until September. But it kept popping into my mind, it was only a few hours a week so not a large amount of time for Little 3 to be away from me, the hours meant I could still do the school runs for the girls and the experience combined with my qualifications would mean I could definitely go straight onto the higher level diploma Teaching Assistant course which I wanted.

After pondering some more and enquiring further I decided to just go for it thinking the interview experience (if I got that far) would be good and filling in the application form would give me a nudge to get all my certificates together and update my CV. So I applied and the rest as they say is history, I got the job.

There was only one thing I needed to sort out before I could start, childcare for Little 3. The intention had been for him to go to the nursery at the girls school when I went back to work, he has had his name down since they opened it last year to start this Easter for a few hours and then take up more sessions in September so I popped my head in and asked about spaces but they are totally and utterly full (not even space for him to start at Easter, though I don't know when they were going to tell me that). All the local nurseries were too far for the girls to walk to to be practical (as Daddy has the car for work) and so the search for a childminder was on... 


  1. Im so pleased for you Sarah. How exciting. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  2. That really is awesome news - well done!

    Best of luck finding a suitable childminder. Try to speak to someone who spends time with them (at a toddler group etc), it'll tell you far more than an interview x


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