29 January 2017

Slugs, snails and puppy dog tails

Little 3 is now 22 months old, since the girls went back to school in the New Year he has changed a great deal, not only has he suddenly got a bit taller but he has had another language and developmental jump and he seems to be edging towards being a little boy and not so much of a toddler anymore.

He has always been bright, all the Little Ones are clever, but I think it also comes from having older sisters and a Mummy at home with a degree in child development and who never stops talking to him!

His language has been fab right from the off and he uses a couple of hundred words regularly although he can't quite say his h's and v's yet. He is able to communicate telling us what he wants whether it is food or a particular toy and recently has just started to string 3 words together to form some sort of command or basic sentence which has been really quite lovely.

For example, on a Saturday morning when it is just him and I up while everyone else has a lie in, he is allowed his breakfast at the little toddler table in front of the television (we normally all sit at the dining table on a week day) and I normally nurse a cup of coffee sat next to him on the sofa, the other week he sat at the table and said 'Mummy, sit chair breakfast' pointing to the chair clearly indicating to me that he wanted me to sit with him and so I wedged my bottom on the tiny chair and did as I was asked, the smile that lit up his face said it all and now I no longer sit on the sofa and I have my breakfast with him down there too.

It is great to see him interacting with his sisters as well. Now that he can tell us what he wants, he can join in the girls games and get them to do what he wants too. He was building his duplo train and showed Little 1 who was standing near him, she praised him and said 'Well done' to which he furrowed his little brow and said ' No, play trains' as he had wanted her to play rather than just look and so she stopped and played with him for a while. 

Little 3 is in some ways really quite different to the girls and I am not sure if it is because he is a boy or just because he is him. The girls would happily do puzzles and sit for ages drawing, they would spend a long time setting things up and playing with them but Little 3 is a bit different. He doesn't have much time for puzzles or the shape sorter and generally ends up throwing the bits around after a few minutes and drawing on the table or his hand rather than the paper but then he will sit for ages playing with the Postman Pat toys he has got out or the train track we have set out with him. He spends a lot of time in the play kitchen making tea or cups of coffee and will also chat to himself while he puts his play figures to bed in the little house both of which the girls did too.

But that is where the similarities end and his boyishness really comes in, Little 3 likes to play with balls and yo-yos A LOT, he likes to throw things, something the girls never did, and although this is usually accompanied by the word 'catch' as a ball sails past your ear. He just seems to have a slightly more physical streak than the girls did. Spinning round in circles with a yo-yo on the end of a string swinging around is another favourite activity and as I try to avoid getting hit on the kneecap while I ask him to give it to me, I have realised he is just a little more active than the girls were.

There isn't a mean or naughty bone in his body, Little 3 is a total charmer and everyone loves him, he is so cheeky and he knows it. He has such a mischievous grin and a cute smile and makes me laugh constantly. I have begun to think whether it is time he went to playgroup or something so he can have some fun with other children his age, get messy and run off some energy??


  1. He is so adorable sarah. Do cute and affectionate as well as clever. If Gould be s boy girl thing or just number 3. Daisy is so much more active and physical than the other 2 x

  2. He is such a cutie. So affectionate, cute and clever xx


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