19 January 2017

Little 1 tries 'Education Quizzes'

Little 1 is a very conscientious student, she works very hard at school and is doing really well. After school she often comes home and starts writing out her times tables asking me to check them or sits down to write a story practicing her joined up writing which is coming along nicely. She is trying very hard to write neatly and accurately with her pencil hoping that she can earn her 'pen licence' at school soon enabling her to use a pen instead. 

Often she will ask me to write a few sums for her or pick up one of the educational puzzle books we have and spend a while doing that always asking me to mark them and feeling proud of her attempts and pleased with her achievements. 

She has a genuine interest in doing well at school and is often looking for a challenge, as a parent I am happy that she has a positive attitude to school and look for ways to nurture her interest whilst being aware that she is a young child and needs down time from school and work too.

We have recently been asked to take a look at a website called Education Quizzes, obviously this is a website containing lots and lots of quizzes for children right through from Key Stage 1 (Year one and two at Primary School) to GCSE level, with all the quizzes being written by teachers. Little 1 was really interested in having a go and after my help logging in and finding the Key Stage One (KS1) section for her age at the top of the page she delved in and had a look at some of the quizzes.

We both loved the fact that every subject is covered, English, Maths and Science are there but so is Geography, D and T, and PSHE too name a few and even times tables. Little 1 was really impressed that she could choose all the subjects and have a go at something different. She chose to click on History- I was impressed that there were over 50 quizzes on the history page and having looked at the other subjects over the past couple of weeks and had a browse myself through other age groups there are absolutely load of quizzes on each subject. All the quizzes are related to the curriculum and there are so many different things covered too.

Last term Little 1 learnt about The Great Fire of London and clicked on that quiz, the quizzes are multiple choice with an image to go with each question. Little 1 was pleased to get all 10 right and started looking at other things she had done in the past and trying to remember them before having a go at one or two things that she has not learnt yet.

Little 1 enjoyed doing the quizzes but she did find the format a little uninteresting and didn't stay long on the site at any one time although she has returned to it on several different occasions, particularly when she did something new at school and wanted to hop on and and test herself on it. I think, especially for the younger ones, something a little more interactive and attention grabbing would hold their attention longer rather than just clicking on an answer, like moving images or coloured interesting font perhaps.

I think the site is great for children like Little 1 who want to test themselves or see what they know about a particular topic and even Little 2 who is in Reception had a go alongside her sister at a few phonics quizzes. I believe the site is more attractive to slightly older children whose attention is better and who aren't bothered by the plain format of the quizzes. I think this site would be a great tool for revision before an 11+ or GCSE's as it covers such a range of topics.

The cost of the subscription to the site is £9.95 a month which is a bit too much for me but it's good value if you have several children who would use it. The subscription can be cancelled anytime so if you just wanted to join for a couple of months before some exams or over the summer then it would be a useful tool. Education Quizzes is also available for schools to subscribe to so that all their pupils can use it so if you think it is something your child and their classmates would like then why not tell your school all about it, it could win them brownie points with Ofsted too.

Education Quizzes also has a blog Nature Matters where they write a daily post all about nature - Animals, Seasons, and Science type posts, we hopped on and took a look. Little 1 loved reading some facts about Venus yesterday as she has an interest in Space at the moment, she has returned to this site each day to see what the next post is, I think she quite likes it and I find it interesting too!

N.B This is a collaborative post.

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