25 January 2017

Counting in sleeps, the only measurement of time!

Now everyone knows that if you are a child the way to measure time is by the number of sleeps, it may be tomorrow or the day after that but for the Little Ones all they want to know is 'How many sleeps until... Mummy?

I am not sure at what point counting the days or looking on a calendar begins to kick in but for the girls counting in sleeps is the only acceptable unit of time and woe betide me if I attempt to tell them any other.

At this point in time Little 2 is counting in sleeps for three separate things and every evening before bed and every morning I have to work out how many sleeps it is until the awaited events. She is currently counting sleeps until her birthday party (2 sleeps), her actual birthday (10 sleeps) and the day she will be able to attend her first Rainbows meeting after she has turned 5 (15 sleeps), as the numbers get lower she is getting more excited and I have been tempted to add on a sleep or two!!

I am not sure if it is a way to get the sleeps down faster or just the thought process in her head but Little 1 doesn't include the sleep she is about to have in her sleeps count. For example if something was three days and therefore three sleeps away she would say it was two sleeps away that night at bedtime because when she wakes up it will be two sleeps and isn't including the sleep she is about to have (confusing eh!). 

I understand her logic but it didn't half cause a problem at Christmas when she had convinced her younger sister that there was one sleep until Christmas (meaning one sleep after the one she was about to have) and Little 2 who counts sleeps in the normal way was then convinced Father Christmas was going to visit that night and we really had to explain that it was only going to be Christmas Eve, she went from super excited to really upset and grumpy, it wasn't the best bedtime!

The trouble is, it isn't just the number of sleeps for things that are nearly upon us that they want to know, Little 1 has already asked how many sleeps until our summer holiday, her birthday in October and Christmas. To which I generally reply 'oh there are too many to count', if something is more than a couple of weeks away I tell them in months or weeks before the counting in days begins. 

Do your children count in sleeps?

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  1. Forget the children-I still count in sleeps he he and I follow little one's logic and don't count the sleep I'm about to have!!!! Even if i count weeks i don't count the week I'm
    In ha ha. I think little one and I would get on well ;)


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