24 January 2017

5 easy, affordable ways to entertain the children this winter

It goes without saying that being cooped up inside during the winter can be boring, and keeping the Little Ones entertained without breaking the bank can sometimes be difficult. The nights get darker quicker, the air is cold, and when the weather is bad we will be stuck indoors looking for ways to amuse the Little Ones before they start squabbling again.

Winter causes the outdoors to be a lot less accommodating than it usually is, and can cause you to spend a fortune to go somewhere on a day out. However, there are ways that you can bring about some seasonal variations that will save on your budget and put a much more positive spin on what can be miserable months in winter. You can truly have more family fun, without having to spend a great deal of money doing so.

So why not try these 5 great tips when you want to have some affordable fun with your children this winter:

1. Think About A Conker Collection Competition

The Little Ones love conkers, and so do I. I remember cooking and pickling them and having conker fights at school. You could be surprised at just how much your children will love them and how much joy they can bring. Think about all of the delight that comes with breaking open the spiky, brown shell to show a shiny conker that is hidden on the inside. Whether you are simply collecting or you take it a step further to tie them up with string to play a fun game of conkers, this is a nice way to bring a bit of warmth and bonding to an otherwise cold day of winter.

2. Entertainment At The Museum

When you are feeling a bit claustrophobic with indoor activities, you can think about a change of scenery without having to make it extravagant. Take a trip to your local museum to see about their free offerings and take it from there. The admission will usually be free for children under a certain age, or they will get in at a dramatically reduced rate. Get on the bus, bring along a lunch to keep the costs low, and you will be there enjoying yourself in no time, also if you join freebie sites like FreeStuff Baby, they do post some good family day out freebies.

3. Teach Traditional Games

Put away the tablets, phones and other technology for a while so that children have a chance to understand that technology is not a babysitter or a lifeline. You can make winter a success by teaching children that there are plenty of wonderful family games that can be played, much like they did when the latest technology didn't exist.

Look for some of your old favorite games to play as a family, or even think about starting a new tradition with some different games that you haven't tried before. Even though there may be some initial whining when the gadgets are taken away, they will quickly forget once they start having fun and realizing that there are other things that can be done.

4. Make DIY Playdough

Think about the last time that your children had a chance to create and have fun with playdough (daily in our house). Instead of just buying some at the shop, try and make some DIY playdough that the children will love, they will enjoy getting their hands sticky and making their own. All it takes it bringing together some simple ingredients and you will be in for hours of fun, even when the temperatures dip down outside. This is a cheap way to have fun and bond with your Little Ones as well!

5. Bundle Up And Have A Bonfire

Even though you may only have time for bonfire night once a year, there is nothing saying that you cannot break the rules every once in a while. No matter how cold it gets outside, you can build a great bonfire outside, roast some marshmallows and enjoy each other's company for an inexpensive experience. Mmm, hot chocolate anyone?

N.B This was a collaborative post.

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