23 December 2016

Muuuum, this Father Christmas fella...

Little 1 is seven years old now and the past couple of years since she started school we have wondered whether each would be that last where she would believe in the magic of Christmas and indeed in Father Christmas himself.

Little 1 has a questioning mind and is always thinking practically and ponders over things for a long time. She likes to ask us her questions last thing at night just as we have turned out the lights, a quick explanation is often not good enough and she will enquire further or ask why.

Recently we have had a few questions about the man in the red suit, ranging from the simple ones to practically impossible to answer. This year we have been asked (that I can remember).

How does he get around everyone in one night?

Does he really fly to each house or park at the end of the road?

How does he get in as we don't have a chimney?

Do you or Daddy hear him come in? Or does he disturb the cats?

Is Rudolph's nose really red? and why is it different to the other reindeer?

My answers have ranged from simple ones like oh remember what happened in that christmas film well a bit like that, or descriptions of the planet revolving around the sun and him moving with the night, right down to, oh I don't know, it must be magic.

She does seem to accept my answers as I see the look in her eyes as she ponders what I said and thinks of her next question. But how long will it last, will she still believe next year?

With Little 3 being one and a half this year he still doesn't really know what is going on and I am hoping that next year when he is a little older and possibly old enough to believe in the magic that both his sisters will still believe and he can enjoy believing with them both too.

Do your children still believe?

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