31 December 2016

Looking back.... A year with the Little Ones

I was flicking back through the past years photos on the laptop and trying to decide which ones to use for a Happy New Year- last 12 months type blog post, my best ones, my favourite ones or a few in between. Each picture holds memories or moments that made me laugh or ones I want to remember and so looking back became more about what happened this year and the things we did rather than just a reel of photos.

It hasn't all been a bunch of roses but we have had some great times as a family in 2016 and so here they are my top moments this year.

January saw a great weight off my shoulders as Little 3 got the all clear from the heart problem he had had throughout my pregnancy with him and through his first 10 months, a great start to the new year for our family.

Feburary was the month in which Little 2 turned 4 years old, it is hard to believe she is now almost 5 and how much she has changed and grown up since then.

March was a celebration, a first birthday for Little 3 and plenty of outdoor fun with the Little Ones.

April was the month that Little 3 started walking and then the fun really began. A few changes were afoot and the Little Ones were suddenly growing up fast.

In May we were getting out and about at Westbury court gardens where Little 3 took his first outdoor steps and we spent time having fun with extended family.

June saw a family holiday to the Isle of Wight and with it lots of days out and fun together, one of my favourite afternoons of the whole year took place at Bembridge windmill where we all enjoyed bug hunting together.

In July we spent sunny afternoons having Roman battles at Chedworth roman villa and with Little 3 gaining independance he had some fun first adventures.. rock pooling anyone.

In August we spent time in Wales and enjoyed the summer holidays including having a family adventure at Wild place.

September saw a huge change in our house as Little 2 started school, there was some getting used to not having her around but she settled right in and took to reading with ease.

In October we had lots of fun with leaves, in fact I took my most favourite photos of the year this month and marvelled at how Little 1 was turning into a little young lady.

November saw an awful lot of illness in our house and it seemed never ending but there was still time for a few ups amongst the downs including indoor fun with Autumn art.

During December we spent time recuperating with a little more illness thrown in, before building up to Christmas. Little 3 discovered the fun of Christmas as a toddler and we relaxed and have all enjoyed our Christmas break.

Now the New Year is here and I am looking forward to more family fun, spending time together and watching the Little Ones grow in 2017.

Happy New Year everyone xx

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