24 December 2016

Christmas Eve with the Little Ones

As the Little Ones have been saying, there is only 1 sleep until Christmas (we always count in sleeps here!) which means in a matter of hours it will be Christmas Day, the girls are getting VERY excited and have been talking about which Christmas film to watch this evening.

You see we have a tradition on Christmas Eve that we started when Little 1 was small, at bedtime the girls put on their pyjamas and we all snuggle up on the sofa together, I make them a little hot chocolate complete with mini marshmallows and we settle down together to watch 'The Snowman' or 'Raymond Briggs, Father Christmas' on dvd. We generally open our first tin of chocolates and let them chose a couple while we all enjoy a moment as a family before the madness that is Christmas Day with three children and other members of our family.

This year as the girls are older they have asked to watch a proper Christmas film after Little 3 has gone to bed, so we will still do our usual thing with him, now that he is old enough to join in as he does love a little hot chocolate, and then once he's in bed we'll enjoy a film with the girls.

After the film the girls will eagerly retrieve the Christmas plate from the kitchen, choose the best mince pie for Father Christmas and the largest carrot for Rudolph as well as adding a cold glass of milk which they will carefully lay by the fireplace in the hope that when he visits them Father Christmas will have a snack.

What do you do on Christmas eve? Do you have a tradition?

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