3 December 2016

BIC children's colouring gifts and stocking fillers this Christmas

Right now colouring and drawing is something the girls do a lot. Little 1 is always drawing, writing and making cards or pictures for people and Little 2 is constantly bringing pictures home from school to colour in. Rarely a day goes by where the crayons, pens and pencils have not been out, if the girls haven't used them then Little 3 and I have done some drawing or something while they have been at school. 

We were at that stage where a lot of our pens had started to run out and the pencils were getting short and I was stringing the girls out until Christmas as felt tips, crayons and pencils do make great stocking fillers for the Little Ones. Then along came the lovely people at BIC who offered to send us some colouring products to test out, knowing how much the girls needed them I said 'Yes, please'.

BIC sent us a Kids Colouring Activity Set, some BIC Kids Evolution Colouring Pencils and BIC Kid Couleur Colouring Felt Tip Pens too. The girls were very pleased.

The BIC Kids Colouring Activity Set contains a whopping 80 pieces and is perfect for any child who loves getting arty. 18 Colouring pencils, 18 crayons, 12 felt tips, 12 magic pens and a glue stick too make this a fab set (no messy paints in this one which I really liked) and there is plenty to do in the included activity book with over 20 card pages. We had an Alvin and the Chipmunks activity book which had puzzles including a crossword, maze and dot to dot as well as some colouring pictures and cut out puppet pages too. The girls immediately got to work cutting colouring and creating a character parade. This set is available in Tesco RRP £22 and with a carrying handle it is perfect to taking to Granny's on Boxing Day. 


You wouldn't think there was a lot to say about felt tips and colouring pencils but I LOVE the BIC Kids Evolution Colouring Pencils (RRP £2.99), Oh god I must be getting old and parenty to say that! Unlike other pencils these are wood-free resin pencils which are chew-resistant and splinter proof making them safer for the Little Ones. 

Little 1 often absentmindedly chews her pens and pencils and Little 3 still likes to taste his, they are both being told constantly to take them out of their mouths so I liked the piece of mind that these wouldn't give them splinters. The resin also makes them super smooth to sharpen too.

The BIC Kid Couleur Felt Tip Pens (RRP £2.99) were well received by the girls as they approved of the 12 bright colours included. The pens are easy to hold and have fine tips so Little 1 can write neatly with them and they are durable too withstanding Little 3 jabbing them all over his paper. The Little Ones often get covered in pen on their hands or sleeves while they are colouring and I did not have to worry about getting it off, the children cleaned up with soap or a bath and the pen came out in a standard clothes wash. 

N.B We were gifted the products mentioned above for inclusion in a blog post, all opinions are our own honest thoughts.


  1. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)6 December 2016 at 14:53

    My daughter would happily sit and colour all day, so this all looks fun! Also good to hear that it washes out easily.

  2. Catherine @ Story Snug14 December 2016 at 08:10

    I love the colouring case and the variety of pencils and pens it includes :)



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